Poll on what makes marines use suppressers

I have seen many a marine use suppressers and even though they decrease damage it seems they kill me more often than marines without a suppresser. I would like people to comment on the reason and why.

From my POV of using it, is that it makes the weapon more accurate and rate of fire better.

Overall it is highly dangerous on MK1 with AP.

Flankers / ROs who care about sound distance use them for their intended effect - being sneaky

I use it because of the pew pew sound, it’s as simple as that

could you show me a comparison between MK2 with all the available ammo without suppresser and with suppresser and then the same with the MK1?

suppressors don’t change stats, just noise and muzzle flash.

Probably because you pay less attention to suppressor shots, also probably because more robust people use suppressors. Main downside of suppressor is that if you get attacked by credits one screen away from other marines, no one will hear your shots and thus won’t help.

when I want to soft-grief/meta-assassinate other marines OR WHEN I WANT THAT DELICIOUS NEEDLEPOINT BURST SPREAD REDUCTION Gramps uses a silencer. EDIT: Morrow fucked up silencers too? Goddamn what is the point of attachments/gear trade-offs.

Maybe its just me but, for me its like a attachment for when you’re larping/making your gun sound “better”.

Other times, I use it as a EB since sometimes the attachments are hoarded. Supressors are also more easier than Ebs to find groundside so I guess it would incentivize marines and survivors to pick them up if they dont have a barrel attachment, in experience I use it when im using a MAR-30/MAR-40 since bursting on it doesnt hit too many bullets even on sprite click, so the accuracy buff for slight damage is worth it.

I’d have to imagine this goes the same way for HPRs.

It’s weird but I also notice that suppressed weapons just feel more effective.

I know the code says they aren’t, but in actual practice it genuinely feels more effective. Like they hit more often and harder.

I guess there’s always the possibility of mystery code buried somewhere deep in the baystation/tgstation roots.

Based on the responses I will attempt to look through the code to see if there is some missed code that changes stats with suppressers

Check the comments, it has a minor damage falloff, I just use them because they sound cool honestly.

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