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Discord Ban Appeal - poolitan_

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User has been insulting people all day, bringing up the same things over and over again. User was asked to stop, but apparently cannot help themselves. User was also very transphobic. There is no tolerance for this stuff in CM.


Hello, I would like to appeal my ban because I believe I got a bit carried away and let the bit go too far. It started because I was bantering with Atticus Rezzer about a round where he got permabrigged and I still wanted an apology as a joke, but after the admin told us to drop it, I did besides one last message asking to shake hands with him (I dmed him afterwards and apologized personally, which he accepted) And in regards to the ‘very transphobic’ part of the ban I genuinely have zero clue where this part came from, and it seems like it was just tacked on to fill out the ban message. If anything I’m a huge ally and have several gay and trans friends.
To surmise, I got carried away with my behavior and I’m very sorry to those I was mean to and the admin staff I inconvenienced. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent ban but even a ban time reduction would be appreciated as I just got into this game and was hoping to get whitelist pings soon.

Absolutely not. You are not welcome back on the CM Discord after your behavior. The transphobia part comes from repeatedly calling a trans woman on our server a man and insulting their appearance.

Resolved - Denied

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting