Post Event Ideas Here [MEGATHREAD?]

Got an idea for an event? Post it here and we can discuss it. Maybe you can get a special event role as a reward :wink:

Disclaimer: As an smod I can run only minor events or ALTERNATIVELY I have the ability to turn on the roleplay server and run a major event there.

Keep shitposting to a minimum for the love of christ. Other staff may grab ideas from here freely.


Greenshift but it’s not actually greenshift

Have a ship full of civilians/lightly armed people, and let a few xenos loose on the ship, maybe a few drones or something small.
Kind of like the movie, the xenos just sneak around the ship and try to pick people off or get caps to expand their numbers, humans try to wipe them out or survive and flee if shit goes south.

Or maybe just a full blown DS game, queen, marines and all, but solely on the alamayer or a different ship map or something

maints gaming


I like the first idea, though executing it might be particularily difficult.

I’m considering running this one on the roleplay server, but I have to thoroughly think about how to execute this from a staff perspective.

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we have a roleplay server?
roleplay? in my cm??



Yeep, we got two servers, one that’s just offline.

Anyways I’m drafting an alien isolation style event. Civilians on the Almayer must survive against a extremely high HP and buffed drone for long enough to be rescued by a MARSOC team.

Survivors can roleplay skepticism and even hostility towards other survivors, and may team up too.

To spice it up, stuff like power outages, explosions, and hostile working joes may be spawned too.

It’s just a draft for now though, I gotta plan it more thoroughly.


This is abit wacky, but I’d like to see a “tribe” event but with little to no guns (Except for the rare pistol or even rarer rifles), extremely limited resources, no command staff, and no rules. Everything goes. Everyone would be forced to fight in brutal melee over dominance of the ship, with the end goal being to seize the CIC for your tribe or for yourself.

Medbay would be declared a “neutral territory” though there would be no OOC punishment if you choose to not follow this rule. The Liason would turn into a merchant, gaining the ability to trade scalps with marines, in exchange for weaponary, medicine, mats, etc (so he doesnt get immidiately lynched). MTs would become a reclusive cult that occasionally kidnaps random people to sacrifice to the ship’s engine, in order to keep it running.

And ofc to spice things up, there could be power outages, random loot drops, predators appearing, xenos spawning, hostile Working Joes roaming the hall, a tribe’s base suddenly exploding forcing them to migrate and get into conflict with the other tribes.

I think this event should be run with 100-120 pop, and in the USS Western Eye

Though i imagine this event would be hell to run :sweat_smile:


Battle of Waterloo. Make it happen Warfan. Embrace destiny.


Joke event: Doug Walker or some other minor celebrity. That’s it.

Semi-Joke event: Okay so The WWE, the wrestling people do this thing every year called Tribute to the Troops. It’s a show for troopers, they get some wrestling, get honoured, etc etc. Doing a SS13/On station version would be neat, I think.

Minor event: Nothing. Simple.
No Xenos. Marines still deploy, no one knows. Maybe even get a few helpers to plant stuff/set off motion detectors purely to mess with players.

Major event: Movie accuracy. I hate all the Pitchford stuff we have. What if, just for one round, the default pulse was the MK1, there weren’t all these weird fancy weapons or whatever. Oh and Huggers are a death sentence, no Larva surgery. W-Y PMC/Goons get to wear Apesuits, etc etc.


Reminds me of the hunter games event staff tried to run a few days ago. Spawned 200 marines on a single tile…200 warcries constantly being spammed, followed by everyone beating eachother to death on the single tile before game could begin :dread:

We should do that again sometime

But a tribe event sounds very fun!


The USS Almayer has a squad of FORECON marines onboard to help out with distress signals. These FORECON can deploy early at around 0:10 to scout out the LZ and enemies, this could be done with drop pods.

Zombo event
Refugees dock with the USCM Almayer, nothing is going wrong untill one of the refugees(W-Y Sleeper Agent) unleashes an unkown virus onto the marines. A W-Y PMC team is sent to ‘‘capture’’ the Sleeper Agent, their actual objective is to evac them.


Ship Vs Ship or HvH

The USS Almayer is currently being intercepted by hostiles (UPP, CLF, Freelancers etc). The job is to defend USS Almayer critcal location for surival for 1 hour or overpower the attackers example being taking control of critical locations on the ship, be this the engine, CIC or cryo.

BSP(BattleShiP) korido a hostile battleship is currently pirating the area and is tasked to hijack any ship or shuttle in the area. They were supplied with a company of personal. They have also been supplied with an ‘Aegis radar and combat system’ to locate any presence of nearby ships and deal a hit to them making them slow down and allow BSP Korido to catch up and board the ship with their four shuttles on USS Almayers 7 shuttle pads.


Battle of Sedan or Austerlitz. Make it happen.

I love this!!

Always thought 4 squads deploying to a colony for radio silence was a bit overkill; would be cool to have an advanced recon squad scout it out beforehand and warn the Alamayer about the xenos. If they get in a tight spot saving them could be a primary deployment objective too, would make for cool roleplay/switch up roundflow a bit


The question would probaly be if it’s that realistic and lore-conform to have a whole squad of force recon marines aboard some backwater patrol nutshell aka the Almayer, but the idea with drop pods sounds cool for echo squad gimmicks if command wants to create some spec-ops feeling similar to that (but don’t forget coifs and night vision goggles).

Event Post mortem thoughts:

  1. may be good in future to spawn xeno in earlier and give them some time to alter a section of the ship for themselves, something similar to the fog isolating them from the humans. This would help avoid things like spawning in and immediately getting flamered in the face
  2. vent work is great but there was so many welds/pipe removals that I had to abandon the tactic almost entirely half way through. Maybe limited tools or indestructible main pipes that have destructible offshoots?
  3. Overall the xeno felt pretty good with the pounce and regular drone abilities, while I could certainly not kill a bunch of people I could take on one or two. Meanwhile if I hit the target once or twice they might still get away which seemed pretty reasonable
  4. Recommend that in future if you include more than one drone to let them know and give them the hivemind so they can coordinate the funny murders in places like the chapel or kitchen

Overview: I had a lot of fun! creeping around the ship took some adjusting and people dont play isolation like they do CM so it makes sense there were some rough patches. I would totally play this again (even if I werent the xeno) and think its a really solid idea! Let me know if you have any questions or similar!

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  • People who played as the Xenos were great
  • Some of the survivors groups were great, but most survivors just turned into wandering gangs and RDMing.
  • ERT was a bit overboard. Hostile ERT + heavy pulse rifles = lots of dead people and TDMing. Though I did find the ERT shuttle massacre to be amusing to observe.
  • MARSOC were unironically very high roleplay and were all very robust, but that was just good luck.

The only real problem was there were too many people for so few xenos. I think people just started creating conflict or fighting the Working Joes just to start something.

Fun round either way.

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One idea, Four Xeno hive war on a large map that has an active comms beacon and a few survivors in the center that are holding out until the distress signal can be picked up by the almayer, the goal of the event is to secure a survivor heavy roster of players granted they all live instead of killed by the hives. In this scenario due to their being four hives the marines may not even have much conflict with the xenos.

The 90 minute nuke on certain maps could give IO teams an actual chance to work backlines getting the approrpiate intel as long as the marines are rather unscathed by queens. One rule maybe being queens cant arbitrarily align with each other for a temporary alliance to focus on marines or survivors. It honestly might need a little hand holding like small deaths at round start. Alternatively you can give each hive larva for returning xeno corspes to spawning pools which would in theory create a perpetual cycle if all the hives are capable of retriving dead xeno corspes to be feed to a spawning pool which would be apart of the event or something.

P.s. they can do that allying once the hive killer is deployed and maybe a Enormous Queen will spawn at the disturbance of the hive killer being awakened (original queen very old maybe no screech or neuro just big meaty claws [100 damage] and some good armor) just for added flair

Hunger Games esc: No marines, mby xenos late match, * all alternative human factions are A-spawned into their QRF stations (balance up to the admeme), all ships are dropped on a massive map - Trinjent Dam - by admemes (remove ship consoles), random loot scattered around (ghost vote?)
Free for all, last team standing.

first contact but acctually good

((TL:DR only echo squad with HEAP and an extra SG, and the rest of the marines have to play xeno for once in their lives))

hear me out, i’ve been in a first contact round before on LV 522 and it was a marine wipe, rules were only drones and marines had to “hrp” (>_>) never seeing xenos before. it went kinda well at first with admins spawning in AI drone waves to kill/cap but it was really marine sided with 5-6 drones dying per cap and 60% of AI drones just standing in the open bugged and dying. essentially the xenos got giga nerfed to only 1 caste and marines got no such nerf. it got to the point where 4 hivelords and 2 base praes were spawned in to purely defend the queen but by that point the xenos were already being rolled and were defending hive.

a way i think to re-purpose this kinda event to make it more enjoyable is…make it like the movie! (Aliens 1986) where you have only 1 squad of marines with a number cap (possibly a second SG for accuracy plus the fact that there’s only 1 squad) and make the xenos far outnumber the marines. for example for every echo squad marine spawn 3 drones and for each SG spawn 6 bla bla bla… maybe make larva per cap be 3 since in this case marines will play a lot safer BUT to balance the number difference let the marines have HEAP (also if the PR is dug back up there is smart gun HEAP) and just let them murderball the drones i guess.

HRP first contact rules still apply but its more of a “swarm of bugs” versus a few unique and heavy hitting specialist xenos. something also of note is that you wouldnt have to make all the xeno ERTs be AI since there will be more ghosted xenos due to marine cap (foxtrot can still happen with HEAP because there isn’t many of them usually)

also another cool thing, if moonshanks finishes the event ship that they are making in time, it can be used instead of the alamyer to draw more focus to shipside roles (and because its smaller so don’t need as many personnell)

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Major event’s hard to setup without a PR.

The minor event’s just a troll, I won’t be doing that.