PR 6363 First Drop Protections: Gas and Static Turrets

The main problem is that “years before” survivors were not subject to many, many nerfs, mostly to their skills.

Survivors have switched to molotovs and LZ holds because survivors are far too WEAK now to do fun strats like roaming.

And the funny thing is that on certain maps, survivors will not use molotovs if they have enough guns most of the time, because most survivors don’t enjoy being forced to use molotovs.

Although, I will be honest, given some experimenting as survivor, this PR is actually buffing survivors heavily on certain maps, because cutting off the LZ from both parties is making some very strong holds, and even buffs existing survivors holds (bar hold on NV is a particularly nasty example).

The gripe about marines OBing the LZ with gas from an IC perspective is still really stupid though.

While I do like the goal of the PR and whats its trying to do, I think the turrets being active for 20 minutes is to long, with just using Req’s pad that 4 supply drops, not counting the OW supply drops. Cut it to 10 I say and test it for like a week or longer.

With what I said with holds being buffed, queen building can just make any survivor hold completely useless because she can wall faster than you can possibly keep up with if you leave even one cade open for even a second (to y’know skirmish and actually fight outside of cades, or even go out to break weed nodes to stop them from building) and there are weeds anywhere nearby, she can just wall you off from your own hold faster than even a synth can break.

Ranged building kind of needs a nerf in general, but with survivors, if the queen takes notice of you, survivors cannot hope to do anything about it. With the buff to queen building before 00:40, she can wall and weed remotely far, FAR, too fast.

If survivors are to hold anywhere outside LZ’s, queen’s early ranged building buff needs to be either nerfed entirely, or restricted away only to caves. Because holding off LZ’s doesn’t mean that survivors have to deal with just weeds, they also need to deal with their own holds being walled while inside of them, or even going outside to try and actually fight.

IMO, the worst the queen can do against survs ain’t remote building, but going “you will all go fight the survivor get banished for deserting”. Because only around 10-30% of the hive bothers with survs, whereas if queen gives the command the entire hive goes and tiger are quite literary doomed no matter what.

I assume you are talking about the round that just happened, it literally was survs fault for standing OUTSiDE cades and having ALL cades wide open, not to mention drones had to weed up to the front cades, that was literally skill issue from survs. Now do i agree remote building till 00:35 is strong? I do, but it is needed, usually there is max one hivelord and maybe 2 drones building and that is not enough on most maps, so unless you make builders more appealing to people the remote building has to stay as it is.

Years before refers to it being the norm, it still happens now, when I bump into someone… Who i’ve played with years before. Its a handful of synthetics, and certain survivors that I know will rock with me, and also despise LZ hugging because they know just how much better roaming is, or just want to have fun and ride or die. - Before it was all the survivors, roaming, shocking, doing some troll plan together. Now, its just two or three people if you’re lucky.

And yes, I have had a lot of these rounds recently, I just dont talk about survivor and the people who I play with usually dont talk about it either, so unless you’re observing you probably would never have found out we got a 8 kill round,you probably wont know the round where we made a remote airlock turret trap, or the roam we had going through the entire caves of NV running around with a flamethrower and CLF3 spray, baiting xenos on doors.

The people who do that now usually dont bother unless they see someone that will do it with them anyways, and I myself have largely given up. I play survivor for the few rounds that I get to relive that moment, or to solo roam. Im not going to give out names but it happens more often than you think, you probably just dont see it.

It from my experience for these reasons has absaloutely nothing to do with the mechanics of the game, but rather the playerbase’s reluctance to do anything that doesnt “logically” garuantee a survival. Just looking from the surface, why wouldnt holding where the marines land at 00:25 garuntee your survival, but as we all know it, thats not the case, yet its still repeated time after time.

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Bro this thread is so toxic to survivors. This will not stop me from plabbing and shredding marines and xenos in anyway. It will instead make survivor more fun since I will no longer have the same surv rollers cading up LZ the second they get their hands on metal.

I always found it dumb how xenos can’t weed on LZs so they have an equal footing to survivors, especially chances claim ( god forsaken LZ hold )

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I feel like that’s an entirely different level of paranoia, defensively mining your own maintenance halls is only going to get you in trouble with the chief engineer and maybe some regs officer.

Offensively bombing a colony in dire need of help with chemical warfare is going to exactly create the problem it was trying to solve, more “insurgents” who actively hate the marines for destroying their colony. This isn’t distrust or paranoia, I mean active armed revolt against the marines for a perceived undue assault on them especially while they’re already in distress.

Marines committing war crimes against colonists is lore friendly

Fuck the colonists, they’re all CLF sympathisers anyways. Anyone who runs, is CLF. Anyone who stands still, is a well disciplined CLF.


I find it ironic, and quite fun that the marines are essentially expanding their problem by trying to suppress it. Like, I really wanna see WHY the CLF are a thing, and the marine command not caring about gassing civies should be one reason.

My biggest issue with this PR.

It still does not allow weeding in areas that survs can hold, such as trijent lower lift area

it is unironically baffling to me how handholdy PRs can get
instead of a dedicated FOB security team there is now a fullscreen range sentry gun that eviscerates you until 00:40 (ish)

approved BTW fuck bravo


im bravo :DDDD

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Colonist? MORE LIKE COMMUNIST! (we never aid a USCM colony, always another “nation’s” screw up)

Survivors have been in dire need of an identity rework for quite some time (like a decade). I think that it would be privy to underscore what a survivor’s purpose in the round actually is:

  1. Is the survivor simply a prop for the marines and xenos alike? Is their purpose to die for one sides’ enjoyment? If so, the nerfs are sensible, but haven’t gone far enough. If survivors are intended to die for the xenos/ marines, the amount of survivors on the map should be increased, their loot and skills should be further restricted, and dying as a survivor should automatically lobby you so that you can participate in the round as a marine if you so wish. Surviving could then be a true anomaly.

  2. Is the survivor a high roleplay role? If the survivor is a high roleplay role and their purpose is to survive and add atmosphere to the game, then their skills should be massively reduced but their survival should be guaranteed. They should be locked in a bunker somewhere, untouchable by the xenomorphs, until the marines land to rescue them.

  3. Is the survivor the main character? If the survivor is the main character then their skills should be increased, loot should be made more plentiful, but their numbers should be culled. Xenomorphs should be given fewer survivors to chase, and more small hosts to capture.

The survivor, like a few other roles, has been in an identity crisis for several years. Survivor players likely have widely different perceptions of the role, likely spanning between the second and third options, while marine and xeno players probably believe them to be the first.


Considering the constant rule changes to minimise their round impact (no hive rush, no attacking xenos before XX time, not uncommon to compensate dead larva) and the code nerfs (look at most survivor changes in the last few years) it seems that the overall server intent is leaning towards your first option, that survivors are just props.

Basically, think of the PvE server where the Game Master and a few ghosts spawn in as survivors, shoot some walls, cause a mess and then all die in a dramatic fashion all to serve as window dressing for the Marines. That’s what I feel is the intent of survivors.

I personally feel that survivors should be offered a free Rifleman respawn when they die. That would be a fairly fair change.

However, I also appreciate that there are some players who enjoy playing the role as a civilian survivor in a more higher roleplay perspective, but as it stands it is a complete crap shoot if you will even survive to do that. The CL and CC both are guarnteed spawns where you can log in and play that, but a civ survivor is pure RNG.

Maybe if there were alt surv spawns that had no survival gameplay but were guaranteed to survive? Bunker Survs or something like you said that are optional spawns.


the longer you survive the better free role you get, maybe if you get a bunch of kills or hold out for a long time you get a free SG

This tbh.
At the moment survs are, literally just free for the xenos to cap if you have compotent drones swarm them (Happens quite often now)
It almost RR’s people from playing, especially when it happens so early.

I get that survs have some flavour to them such as UPP/PMC/CLF etc etc etc and I feel like this should stay as a feature but if the survivors are all capped/killed and go DNR, the people who played them should be able to either, be respawned or HAVE a ghost event spawned for them.
Not much happens shipside until hijack and I honestly feel like if more… attacks/events happened shipside that wernt just xeno, it would give a significant amount of work to the staff on the ship. MPS literally deal with occasional idiots who do one thing wrong or just move corpses


like people above option to re spawn for survivor if they die/capture before 00hXX of the round is a good idea.
not everyone want to play xeno.

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If you’re playing survivor, you should be fine with playing xenomorph, because thats what happens when you die as a marine. Same goes as if you’re playing a marine, you should be fine with playing as xenomorph after you die. It doesn’t make sense why there should be an exception for people who just so happen to roll a different job.

In my opinion, survivor should be primarily played as a role that can entertain both sides for the first 20-30 minutes or so of a round. However you do that is up to you, but if you’re camping somewhere where it becomes mechanically impossible to even do anything to you, or approached, then that’s a problem.