Predator Applications

Click here to apply. The hunt begins. Overseen by @council_yautja

Yautja Whitelist Application Rules

Application requirements

  • 100hrs in-game in the last 6 months.
  • 200hrs in roles total. Minimum of 40hrs on Marine and Xenomorph.
  • Be free of disciplinary notes and bans for at least 1 month (Exceptions may apply if the notes are related to minor issues. Glaring and successive disciplinary issues WILL NOT BE ignored)

Your application will be reviewed and voted upon by the Yautja council. Current members of the WL are encouraged to provide feedback on the applicant.

The Yautja WL maintainer holds veto power over all applications. (Note: The maintainer will always speak with the council prior to the resolution of any application in this manner)

Should your application be denied, you will be eligible to re-apply in 30 days time.

Remember to read the Predator Honor Code.


Once your application has been accepted. You will be classed as a young blood in-game, this status will be like this for two weeks. During these weeks, you will assigned under the authority of a clan of your choice (The clan you desire to join). They will make sure to look after you and provide feedback and suggestions to you. However, I would like to make it clear that you do not have to wait for a Clan member, Councillor or another member of the WL to join in order to hunt.

The Senator of the WL or any staff that are on the council will try to host a blooding trial event when possible for all the applicants in the batch during their week trial. However, do not take this for granted.

After the week, you will either be given more time, accepted fully making you blooded or denied due to your performance. However, you will not be denied for dying or not being robust. This is not an elite WL. The process is just so we can make sure the people we accept are suitable for the WL.

At the end of your Youngblood trial you are not bound to your current clan, and can join another clan or split into a new clan with other members of the whitelist.

Your application

Name of the Yautja Character you wish to play

The name of your Yautja should be unique, though it should not be something to which is not pronounceable, LRP or memey. Yautja names are allowed to have a maximum of one apostrophe and one hyphen, or two apostrophes/hyphens total. The last name for most Yautja is often the name of your clan to which that Yautja belongs to; however, for the sake of player customization, you can rearrange your name to be in any format.

Krath-Yani, Rik’Oluq, Wurg’Par-takr are examples to which would be acceptable.

Blarg’Mctarth, Mmm’Yosani, QY-WU-R’II, Rig’nald VI, would be examples of names to which would not be acceptable.
Note: The Yautja council reserves the right to deny any character name posted in an application.

Your Yautja’s clan

You must provide the name of the clan to which your Yautja belongs to and you must have express permission from the Clan Leader of the clan you wish to join.

When joining an existing clan, clan lore will not be required. However, while applicants will be able to create their own clan, they must provide around a half page of clan background, whether it be lore, or information involving the sect, and so on.
To make a new clan you require at least two additonal members and a written clan backstory.

Yautja character story

You are expected to provide, at a minimum, a 1 page story to which describes your character. This story can be told from any perspective, but it must tell us about who your character is. You should talk about how your character acts and how they behave with other Yautja.

While Yautja are commonly portrayed as violent, clichéd alien hunters, in CM:SS13 you will be expected to provide a story that involves more than your character participating in a hunt, though it can still contain one. Be creative, you will not be penalized for doing so, as long as you stay within the boundaries of the lore.