Preferred armour style and why...

I prefer pad-less because it looks cooler…


no armor because it makes me run fast

Literally anything but skull




Standard M3 Medium. I’m fine with not standing out, and I like the balance between protection and speed medium gives.

skull armor because im literally him


Rigid but anything without shoulder pads is good so I can actually see the patched I add to my armor.

You’re just mad you’ll never be one of the Ultimate badasses like Hudson

A chest plate is all I need

proceeds to get dragged through the floor by a warrior

Atleast I’m not a cheap copy of one.

Usually I just ditch armor entirely for speed and aesthetic. There’s still an external webbing on the Almayer which is nice. ARMOR IS FOR PUSSIES ANYWAYS RAHHH

If I have to though usually what I do is take the light armor variant that doesn’t have the shoulder pads. Lets people see my patches

My vender gives me B12 and so I must take it.

Padless light armor, the smooth looking one. Only armor you’ll ever really need, although I do run CO armor when deploying

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padless cause it is smooth and I am smooth brained.

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any of the armors without the shoulder pads. Gramps gotta show off the armory.

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I knew Gretta was sheep. Average b12 user. The only good one is the m4.


light because speed

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yeah if you wanna crawl around at fuckin -3 mph

Medium, m4 and light armor is the only way. B12 is for cowards and heavy is for fools. Shoulder pads inhibit your ability to wear patches and show your pride in being a USCM.