Proper Full-Auto guns like M39

Reception was pretty clear since the testmerge. Full-auto is cool, but it needs a better place then MK2.5. And also it is a straigth buff to marines. The round where it was introduced was a bit… one sided.
MY ideas, and ones i heard from others would be:

Remove HPR burst and give it full-auto toggel.

HPR burst fire is kind of a joke, so get rid of it. And instead the HPR gets the ability to toggel between half automatic and full automatic. Or normal fire and full-auto. It would fit that a LMG is capabel of full auto and it wouldnt be OP since the last nerf to them there are about 5 kits avilabel at REQ. And thats at about 130 players.

Full-auto weapon kit.

Like the HPR idea but it doesnt change an existing kit and instead introduces a completly new weapon kit that has a full-auto weapon. This would generally be a fun idea if full-auto is properly implemented. Most wepon kits are already “what if X weapon but a bit diffrent”. Its honestly a fun way to experiment with wepon cocept without them being too OP. Because you can usually count by one hand the number of marines with that kit. You could make a full-auto weapon that can switch to a mag wasting fuller atuo(a joke but it still would be fun). Like either way, a full-auto wepon kit would be a good idea no matter how full-auto is implemented in the future.

Fullauto M39 to make it lore acurate.

Poor littel M39, even that you can dualwield it or fire it prone doesnt help it. You can even wear it on your belt as a sidearm and with all this its still considert poopy by most players. If you dont belive me, when was the last time you saw someone use it as a primary? Yeah you didnt, even as a sidearm its a rare sigth. Wich is such a shame. The poor M39 desserves to be more viabel and making it THE full-auto gun would do that. Also i looked a bit over alien wikis and apperently the M39 is a full-auto submashine gun in lore. So one more reason to make it full auto.

If you take anything away from this, its that the M39 deserves Full-auto. Thats why i put it in the titel. I would have made the post just about it but i wanted to share all my ideas. Better to do that after all, who knows what ideas others migth get from it. (like the kit one)

Any way. HDGDL you all <3 and have fun reading this.