Provide clarification on hydro hives.

I am kind of getting tired of hydro hives leading to marine wipes over and over and do not wish to participate in them.
Please provide clarification as to whether the Queen announcing a mandatory hydro hive (especially for one very specific hivelord every time) is a banishable offense, or if it can be opted out by Leaders or at mature rank T3s, circumventing OOC requirements to follow orders.
I know I am not the only one who hates hydro hives with a burning passion.

The Xeno Roleplay Standards Rule Paragraph states:


  • Aliens have no free will. They are a hivemind, and their purpose is to enforce the will of the Queen and expand the Hive.

Would premature countermeasures (banish) to this inevitable outcome be acceptable?
I also request a clarification as to whether the Queen leading to an extremely swift wipe for a specific squad is grounds for this xeno to be banished and eliminate the Queen who we believe is acting in bad faith in regards to her OOC protection and authority.

Hydro hives will continue until morale improves


Just because you don’t like meta orders doesn’t mean you can ignore them.

Hydro hive makes it so LV rounds are shorter. Give me more of them.


Devs should just remove the cave and beach part of LV, all we need is hydro and engi hive.

If you get your ass beat by a hydro hive, you deserve to lose.

Shit’s easy money for a marine force that’s not pants on head stupid.


Hydro hives versus one marine with an XM-51 and braincells

Would you rather have hydro hive or the usual ‘caves siege at cave siege location 1 (or sometimes even cave siege location 2)’ into ‘fob siege at LZ1 (or sometimes even LZ2)’ gameplay that LV usually is

I find hydro hives fast paced and fun but they can be countered stupid easy if the marine team doesnt throw

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Only reason why marines keep losing to hydro hives is brainrot. I’ll elaborate. Sad thing about the game (although it’s not only this game problem) is that a lot of people play on autopilot. They don’t think. I think it’s called apathy. When you start to play the game, you are focused, but sooner or later you find a niche and everything becomes mindless routine. You do what you used to do, without thinking and without focusing. And reason is that most rounds are basically the same. We’ve been there before, over and over.

So what does all this have to do with hydro hives? Well, obviously. Marines apatheticly going to hydro, expecting yet another beach battle. They don’t think, they don’t expect xenos in hydro, they don’t try to expect. They play on autopilot. And this is why they lose. If anything, hydro hives should teach marines to expect unexpected, and as a result, hopefully be more focused.


remove caves. beach hive please

Hydro and engineering hives are based as fuck, marines just need to grow brains and learn how to assault a 14-14 tile circle that is completely surroundable instead of pushing linear caves and 1 tile chokes


Hydro hive is a terrible strategy and against competent Marines it is a guaranteed defeat. You are fighting marines at their doorstep, no cave CAS or OB cover, while Marines are at their strongest.

It is a literal skill issue if Marines lose to hydro hive


Literally the beno version of the split drop cope topic. So, from what I understand, you want benos to be able to mutiny the queen because marines are too unrobust to counter the queen’s tactic? I would say “move to acid goop” if this wasn’t in acid goop already. Allow command of both sides to do something interesting instead of “rush meta spot 1, rush meta spot 2, either rush meta spot 3 or get rushed and retreat to FOB”. And what do you mean clarification, that pretty much sounds as if this was a thing already and just needed clarification instead of a “do meta tactics or get mutinied”-thread.

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Bravo on FOB

Alpha scout west

Charlie secure Hydro

Delta scout east.

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Did you also infiltrate the Command discord channel?

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I invoke my constitutional right against self incrimination.