Provide clarification on split drops.

idk if it’d get denied, it’s just noones gonna wanna mutiny over split drop. Just a waste of time for what is essentially a normal strategy at this point

If a strategy truly has 0 chance of success, mutiny is normal and probably expected. Noone wants to get sent down when they know they will die, people value their lives.

As @Steelpoint put it it’s not always clear if someone is trying to grief or just being incompetent. It doesn’t matter for the players though. If someone doing a split-drop on, let’s say, low pop it doesn’t really matter for marines if the person is griefing or just very-very bad. My point is that people should have some tools to deal with it. And they do, it’s called mutiny. But currently admins don’t allow roundstart mutinies, regardless of how justified they are. This, in my opinion, should change.

I am bringing River fucking Cherry exactly for this reason. He kept doing dumb plans, marines had to play along, and despite all the mutiny baiting they couldn’t even mutiny him. They couldn’t mutiny him roundstart because admins would never approve it. And they couldn’t mutiny him later in the round because you cannot mutiny during hijack. I am not just Cherry-picking, but of course River Cherry is the most recent stand-out example.

I don’t know what to do with this straw-manning. I didn’t mention meta a single time in this topic. OP haven’t stated that he wants gimmicky COs. I don’t know what are you arguing here against. And I don’t think the problem has anything to do with meta. You even arguably can fuck over marines by following meta. For example, you can tell them to rush Filtration when they have no medics, no engineers and their SL just woke up and won’t make it to first drop.

Okay, let me rephrase. I believe it should be possible to apply for mutiny roundstart over a plan if you have enough upset people and if the plan is unreasonable enough. You still need approval from admin, who is to judge if the plan is unreasonable and if it can be mutinied against. Current stance is that no roundstart mutinies at all, this is the only thing I personally want to change. It will still be possible to do off-meta plans. And it will still be even possible to do really bad plans if marines either want to play along or don’t care enough to oppose it.

Great piece of advice, what if I have only one hour to play?

I never said he does, but still it’s an example when a bad faith player griefs, gets ahelped, gets even reported but continues to come up with clearly unreasonable plans like “no CAS” and marines have to play along and have no counter-measures. Yeah, the player no longer plays, I guess we are lucky that he left on his own, I don’t think this is important.


Lame thread, go play helldivers or go to the gym.

The merry-go-round of the same discussion will continue till morale improves


This is what you’re basing your point around to allow round start munties (my sources are your post above

You can already deny suicide orders lmao

You’re obviously set in your own mindset, but the rest of the server is not.

Tough but I seriously doubt it as you spend hours on the forums and in game

It is not because it is non meta. It’s cause it ends the round before it hits the hour mark

Don’t play CM. Prep time alone is like one quarter of that. Play or do literally anything else.

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I’ve seen plenty of other strategies do that, marine major, xeno major, meta, nonmeta, it doesn’t matter nearly as much as much as the very simple “are marines fear RPing y/n”
Theoretically split drops are a decent idea (on some maps), but marines rarely follow the actual plan in favor of just going to the meta front location and fighting there. Even if they do stay apart organizing real reinforcements or a flank is basically impossible, marines almost never listen to orders that aren’t “push directly forward” or “retreat to FOB front died ten minutes ago”.

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marines didnt walk back and execute burke

marines would’ve lived if they did

but in all seriousness, split drops have been extremely annoying and are at like a 75% failrate recently. some of them CAN work, but most of them have failed tremendously. The issue isn’t USUALLY that its a split drop, but almost always of what the plans are of what to do with the splitdrop.

ex: recently we tried having a two FOB split drop, which as everyone predicted, failed horribly despite us trying very hard, leading to a very unfun FOB siege round once the secondary FOB fell. Everyone was down to mutiny but we had to save the rest of the team which led to most of the people who agreed to mutiny on getting back dying rescuing others at the main FOB.

Overall a very bad round that has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth for some command members who we felt like did a throw strat just cause they didnt like the map.

As per the current rules, no, you cannot mutiny because you don’t like the plan. Certain roles are also required to follow orders. If you believe someone is griefing, please ahelp or file a Player Report. There isn’t any policy to clarify here, unless things are changed later.

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