Prying tool for resin doors

Give scout a way to pry resin doors, should be easy to code as part of the code is in yautja’s wrist blade.

This could be good as scouts can be tracked through the doors they destroy, which most of the time leads to them getting capped. This could be used to infiltrate the xeno backlines with minimal detection.

However, has its downsides. like being unable to leave as fast if you get caught.


The code should be viable, I believe WJ’s can open resin doors if they use their tool-jack/whatever its called.

I’d actually think letting Scouts do this would have some balance merit since they will be in major trouble if they get seen and all those doors they opened are now closed, preventing a quick escape.

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Why not tie to a bayo/crowbar/maintjack and have it’s speed vary.

That could be dope.