Put CIC improvement ideas here

Just a general CIC improvement ideas thread. I am looking for smaller things that can be added more or less easily without large reworks to improve CIC qol.


In my own opinion, I would like to see some small tasks that could help improve CIC actions or at least make it realistic (and possibly more RP enhancing through mechanical issues) for the CIC to work with.

An example:

Lets say there is data collection tower that just came online and its sending raw data shipside, but this data ain’t being processed. Why? well you haven’t calibrated and further optimized the radio dishes that collect the data! So you need to head to a small room, (maybe a extra room south by the launch tubes or something) and you need to type in a password, set the radar dish to collect the right frequency (think like a scroll bar that needs to be within a green section) and finally you need to optimize the data intake by aligning/placing some processors into the dish collection array to increase the raw data processing (like slotting in processors from a bin that have color coded stipes on them, each processor needs to go into the respective slot on the Dish Collection Array with their marked stripes)

This will give some more ‘Mechanical’ or ‘technical’ side to CIC. And its completely on the side. Side bonus that it also increases the passive income of intel points by a %.

another example:

(This one is more impactful to the round) Lets say while the almayer is floating above the colony/station/planet/etc some pesky CLF hackers(since the CLF seem to be everywhere) are attempting to access the ship’s systems. While the MPs try and find the source of this hacker (A shipside antag for MPs to deal with should the MP role number be above 5) who would be hiding and accessing the ship’s system through a number of central system access hubs spread through out the ship. The CIC staff would be taking the full blunt of this attack as certain computers would flicker off for a few seconds to the computer being hacked and the SO/XO/CO having to play hacker themselves to un-hack the system and resume normal operations.

This will give the game some depth and certainly spice up the shipside CIC role to not just be a shouting hub for marines to hear and not listen to. And this would give the CO a reason to BE a CLF agent for making them pissed off so much that it was the 6th time his console shut down due to him.

These are mechanical examples of something I want to see CIC to become. Making it more dynamic or at least more interesting


Add a separate OB console in the middle of the CIC that allows you to view the OB as it lands, i think that would be cool.


what if the tacmap console could track stuff like OB hit locations, CAS runs, and spotted xenos, basically like an FPS minimap but only for CIC

i Apologize for not seeing this sooner, I don’t use forums much

I would like the OW console to be a condensed screen where the SO doesn’t have to flip through too many Console screens just to look at a marine and then press back out to SEND MESSAGE TO SQUAD. Same thing with Setting an aSL/SL.

!!! Please buff the Keycard reader sprite in CIC, requiring two IDs to swipe. The hitbox on scanning as well as the timing is inconsistent, and every second counts when the Dropship is hijacked. Can’t tell you how frustrating it is trying to set red, EVEN IF there is one XO/CO in the middle of the two swipers trying to set red. !!!

Please have the Command Tablet a buyable spare for a ton of points in the CO vendor?

Add SO vendors to the CIC Armory; remove the rack with the armored vests. No one is going to use those.

USS Almayer Altitude console in work, I am aware

OW Console rework is in the works, I am aware (although broken rn afaik)

Please expand the CIC bubble to include a place for both CO and XO to stand, maybe

All I can think of, for now

actually just port some features from TG, that queen-eye style thing for overwatch consoles in TGMC is a good one

I don’t play TGMC that often, but “you-can-see-the-entire-map” seems a bit overpowered, especially as backline lurkers and burrowers trying to get aboard wouldn’t have a chance if someone is actively manning the wanna-be-queen-eye. I would rather like having some scanner or whatever the lore team wants to name it, and then a SO has to play some minigame like @thespy24574 said, with calibrating the scanner and whatnot, and then getting some zoomed-out low-quality picture of the area which was scanned, having to attempt to recognize xenos on the picture. Would also add some RP when two SOs discuss if that’s a xeno breaking into FOB or a delta rifleman attempting to open the cades not knowing that anything but harm intent exists.