Pyro Guide

So you want to learn how to play Pyro?

Well aren’t you funny! I guess I can teach you, but no, you do not get airblast.

Your Equipment
  1. M240-T Incinerator: The core piece of your kit. Without this, you are just a different looking Marine. It has four main functions which we will talk about later.

  2. M35 Pyrotechnician Helmet: Your helmet. WEAR IT! Unless you want to get decapped by a rav after landing, you need to wear your helmet. If I see you helmet-less, I will whoop your ass.

  3. M35 Pyrotechnician Armor: Your armor, it is very protective and has a special feature which I will talk about shortly.

  4. Broiler-T Flexible Refueling System: DO NOT LOSE THIS! This is ESSENTIAL for you to be able to do your job as the Pyro. It also has a few features I will go over shortly.

  5. VP-78: Throw it out. You don’t need this, or want this. It isn’t worth it for you to lug it around.

Now that you know what equipment you have, how do you use it? And what are those special features?

Special Features
  1. M240-T Incinerator: Your weapon. It is able to cycle between three types of flamer fuel at will, so long as you have your Broiler-T.

  2. M35 Pyrotechnician Armor: Has the ability to make you immune to fire damage for a short time, meaning that you can walk on your own, or other people’s flames and not be damaged by them. This armor also prevents you from catching fire.

  3. Broiler-T Flexible Refueling System: Holds three separate types of flamer fuel, which I will go over shortly. It can also be re-filled using other tanks.

Now for the napalm types. What do they do, and how are they different?

Normal Type

This is your run-of-the-mill flamer fuel available to everybody. It has a range of five tiles, and does a modest thirty damage per second. It is the most abundant fuel type, and for good reason. Its reliable, and gets the job done.


Specialty Fuel designed to cover large areas, while also lasting for a shortened time. This has the longest range of all fuel types at seven tiles, and will slow down targets that are effected by it. (This also used to reduce armor, but AFAIK it doesn’t do that anymore.) This fuel type isn’t too hard to come across, you’ll just have to ask REQ for more of it.


The bread and butter of the Pyro. This type of fuel is designed to burn targets up, and burn them FAST. It has a range of six tiles, and deals forty damage per second. That may not seem like much more than standard fuel, but it adds up FAST. Here is a demonstration of just how powerful it really is. Untitled video - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp

Now for some tips on what else to bring with you in an operation.

Additional Equipment
  1. M41A Pulse Rifle MK1: You’re going to want to bring a MK1 with you for a few reasons. The main reason being ravagers. They are completely IMMUNE to fire damage. They can still be slowed down by green flames though. Here is an example of why you want to bring a MK1 as a backup. Desktop 2023.10.13 -

  2. Extra Fuel: Your vendor will provide you with enough points to get three extra tanks of fuel. I reccomend taking two tanks of Napalm-X and one tank of Napalm-B. This will usually last you through an operation, and you won’t have to beg req for more.

  3. Meds: Get black or brown webbing from the squad vendors outside. You can fill it with MREs, Bandages, Ointment, Quick Injectors, and many other things.

Now, for everything else? That is for you to figure out with experience and time. Though I will give you a few tips.

  1. Ravagers are immune to fire. DO NOT TRY AND FLAME THEM. IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING!

  2. EXTINGUISH PEOPLE! Your flamethrower has an extinguisher with 500 water. That is plenty. For reference a large handheld extinguisher gets 80 IIRC.

  3. Your armor can hold small extinguishers and MREs. Use that space as you will.

  4. The game is about having fun. So try and do so.


  • Your green fuel can be filled with the green flame tanks that REQ has. They get quite a few in a crate, and you just use tanks to re-fill your Broiler pack.
  • Green flame does indeed slow down Ravs and the Queen.
  • Extinguish other players for fucks sake. Even if you didn’t set them, on fire.
  • Incen OB will still fuck you up just because of the sheer damage it does.
  • You cannot Airblast SADAR rockets.
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tip #1: clear your pasteboard before playing cm-13

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if you’re a good pyro you should be burning through at least 10 cans of x-fuel an operation :3

The Napalm B that the pyro spec gets last for an extended duration and fires in a wide arc, it’s the area denial tool. It’s amazing for blasting an area in flames to deny xenos a flank, or to allow you to push and take objectives like removing wall/doors and recovering bodies. This should be your bread and butter. This flame type allows you to literally control the entire flow of the game.

The extinguisher you get as pyro spec is the super powerful version, which allows you to instantly extinguish all your flames. Bind a key to toggle_under barrel so you can swap between using your flamer and extinguisher at a whim.

Napalm X is a great flame type for shooting under doors. Xenos fear RP the shit out of fire, but especially blue fire. It also damages doors while burning. You can shoot a gout or blue fire under a door and clear walls to help avoid warriors lunging you. It also shoots a really far distance, like 7 tiles (your whole screen), use it to snipe xenos.

Normal napalm is still really useful, use it to clear weeds or flame off chokes that could get pushed but you don’t want to waste your better ammo types on.

Bring a water tank from the ship down with you and abuse your extinguisher. I can’t stress it enough, what separates a good pyro player from a retard who just flames the push is instantly extinguisher all of your fires.

“ERM DONT FLAME THE QUEEN!!!” Is a line used by low iq silly billies. If the marines are not actively pushing because of a reason like you have a shitload of casualties or the marines need time for recover, flame her ass. Sure fire doesn’t affect the queen, but it affects everyone but the ravs and she isn’t going to do a whole lot of anything over extending through fire with only 2 or 3 ravs.

Pyro spec is the strongest of the specs as long as your brain is working. If it isn’t you will be the buggiest liability that the marines have. Think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

My go-to ammo loadout is: 1 extra blue fire and 2 extra green fires and be ready to ask req for more green fire.


Guide fine, it just feels more like an overview of the class than a deep-dive into the mechanics of the role.

c4xmaniac has some good pointers, and I agree that I find Pyro is one of the best Specs on offer, and in the right hands it can have a massive impact on the round. You can’t hurt Ravs or the Queen, but you can make them weaker by reducing any help they can get from allies (and slowing the Ravs run speed and armour) and you can corral a lot of Xenos with your flames

If a pyro does that, the whole CIC staff will cry cause marines can’t push because ‘STOP FLAMING THE PUSH!! WAAAAA!’

flaming the queen is based

but i personally just use blue flame for literally everything. it’s good lighting, good damage, good to block off pushes, clear weeds, what have you. i need nothing else in life

Blue fire is good but it takes too long to block off an area. Green fire can lock an area down in one click, it takes like 3-4 with blue fire to do the same. With click delay that’s like an extra 12 seconds of messing around. My general strat is flame the doors with green flame, extinguish up to the walls/doors and start breaking. When the wall is about to break, flame the tile and break it. That’ll give you an opening to green flame further in and give you more ground. Blue flame is a pressure relief option because xenos on blue fire will run away. It’s a really solid way to give marines the ability to push areas being locked by warriors camping. If you know there’s a warrior behind a door, green flame the entire area and then blue flame the door. He’ll open it and if he’s not insta lunging he’ll second guess himself for another stream of fire.

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Personally I take 2 blue and 1 green, I’ll reserve green flames to lock down active areas the xenos are coming from, mostly use blue as my general anti-xeno attack and occasionally use orange flame to lock down angles that have no xenos but I want to ensure are covered, kill nodes or light up a distant area for vision.

On flaming the queen does it half her armor if you use B-gel?


Yea, I just wanted to make this to give an overview of the class so that people can get a general idea of what they are doing. I am thinking about making another guide that goes into some of the mechanics and what not.

Blue is pretty hard to run out of, it’ll last a while. I used to go two blue one green but after a hell round where I had to guard like 3 flanks at the same time I started just bringing more green.