Quality of life changes for Xeno builder castes.

I’ll just get right into it, my basic issue with building is that I love it alot, but the caste is very limited and so many little QOL changes could be made to make it a less painful experience, some Ideas I have for HIVELORD atleast since they are sole builder but I’d like to see for all are the abilities to delete unneeded structures from much further away using Clear Built strutcture, membrane is currently useless and I some much needed QOL changes might draw in more people to do the job that nobody does, and then everybody gets mad that nobody does. Another big one for me would be the ability to break more window ledges and things in general, I can break walls open but waiting on t3 that might never come or will afk in hive means my defenses are sub-par and id rather go ALL IN than half hearted.

Drone 120.1 hr
Hivelord 117.3
Queen 34.9

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I don’t play much of the builder classes myself, but I’ve noticed there’s been so many times where there’s been damn window frames in the way and we can’t break them. I don’t see how letting any Xeno be able to smash window frames would be a problem, or at least the builder classes.

Breaking window frames is very much in the realm of “the tax” the hive has to pay, just as Drones should be weeding the colony, any xeno who can do it would be well served in spending their time clearing away windows and frames in areas of high importance. Of course, this could be boring, but the fact is any support action is going to be boring, its why you get 4 Lurkers, 4 Warriors and a full suite of T3s, but maybe barely 1 Drone and 1 Hivelord, if you are lucky.

On the other hand though, it would feel beneficial for the support building Hivelord to be able to clear window frames. Someone who is already dedicating themselves to playing the support role should be given the means to furfill that role to its fullest.

A Combat Technician does not require a Rifleman to be able to build or remove Plasteel barricades.

I do understand the aspect of the team game and team effort but just for Hivelord alone being able to make my best defenses without the reliance of t3 who may or may not help, its been a long time since I hivelord’d but I stopped because of trying to give the Hive walls and pretty much begging or leader ordering for walls and stuff to be broken on maps like Kutjevo which can be a real pain as a lone hivelord to secure botany/medical but with these little changes I could do a somewhat better job. Also @Zenith The benefit to clearing the window ledges is just movement, warriors can lunge around them, cover, as a ledge only a runner can really run over it.

yeah builders really could use some QOL. I personaly would absolutly adore an “unbuild” ability. Just revers the building animation, same timer, small plasma cost, done. I mean imagine being abel to remotly destroy structers as resin whisperer. That would be absolutly amazing.