Queen Charge and why it's a good thing.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but there was a brief time where the Queen had a “Charge” ability, much like the Crushers charge, that shit was very enjoyable back in the day, as well as scary. Having the Queen charge at you as a marine was truly scary.

Anyways my idea is to basically give the Queen a strain like the other classes. A strain that would replace “Screech” with the “Charge”, and possibly giving the Queen more armor/health or something to make up for the lack of a Screech.

I don’t play Queen too often but when I do I’m always fighting on the front lines, and honestly would like a different way to play Queen other then just hiding behind a wall, popping out and screeching. It’s kind of boring for the most part and marines would probably like things to be switched up too if possible.

Here’s the amazing un-used Queen charge sprites, such a waste to not use them…


queen charge is soulful, the problem in it lay in that she would charge in maints almayerside and be near unbeatable. But tbqh that’s a nonissue in my opinion, crushers can do the same thing

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Yeah the reason I think it was removed was because of that, but they’ve since re-added the Crusher charge back in and there’s no issues with it. So I hope they’ll consider the Queen charge.


Honestly that migth be an incredibel idea. There are already two main playstyles as queen. One being overwatch, and the other at front. Base queen already can do great things as OW, so just adding a “battel Queen” strain would be based.

Also i kinda qant to see what sprites people would come up with for a “battel queen” strain.

I think you’re thinking about Palatine

Bring back Xeno kings

Let MT make spears you can hold in a pike formation to deter the queen’s cavalry charge on risk of being skewered on mass, and I’ll allow it

Look at these amazing sprites, it’s such a shame they aren’t used. Give us back the Queen charge please…

Shit is honestly terrifying as the Queen should be.

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Only if you add two new Specs called the Schoolboy Specials where one rests infront of a charging queen and the other goes behind her pushing her for the schoolyard stun.

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Idk if you know this bro but pike formations were meant to scare the cavalry off, not actually skewer them.

A few wooden sticks won’t stop 1500lbs of horse and rider and armor coming in at full gallop from crushing whoever is in front of it and disrupting the pike’s formation. It was a mind game, because horses wouldn’t willingly suicide and people generally wouldn’t willingly suicide either.


Something like the war empress from AVP extinction aka what the carrier and rav are from?

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yes, i know, that’s why i wrote “they will stop or risk getting skewered”, like calvary charging