Queen ovi ability, lesser drone assimilation

Cost: 80 plasma per second (or whatever amount makes it last 30 seconds)
Cooldown: 1 minute

Ability: You focus your plasma to create a lesser drone on a weeded tile, whom you take control of. While off weeds you slowly lose health like a facehugger would, but can do everything a lesser drone normally would.

Why: More engagement while on Ovi is cool, This ability could come in clutch I.e. putting out a backliner on fire, or dragging a stunned marine away. When a lone xeno screaming HELP QUEEN you can actually do something


Seems intriguing.

The queen can just use her heal, but you make a good point with the back-liner. +1

I want this just because I can finally clear out the shitty resin someone else built on ovi without needing to call another xeno over.