Random Event Idea: Re add Diplomats

a year or two ago a common event was the RESS diplomat event where a RESS diplomat would come and visit the Almayer i think to see how the marine effort of retaking the RESS colony was going or maybe it was for publicity. Anyways what i want to suggest is why not re add the diplomat idea and expand on it a bit for example on Shivas Snowball why not have an UPP diplomat visit as it is an UPP colony or at least a former UPP colony and for Chance’s claim why not have an admiral or Marsoc or UAAC-TIS. the rest of the time it’s a TRE diplomat. another idea is to give them their own bodyguard or give the diplomat an assignment secret to the USCM (e.g UPP diplomats must steal something for the UPP such as xeno blood or the CO’s codebook)