Ravin Hobo - Player Report: Laurencia Beck, Rule 11. Marine Law

Ravin Hobo - Player Report: Laurencia Beck, Rule 11. Marine Law

What’s your BYOND key?

Ravin Hobo

Round ID:


Your character name:

Kara Parton

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Laurencia Beck

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 11. Marine Law

Description of the incident:

I was the CE. I got arrested for Major DTGP, and a couple of other things can’t remember, but once my sentence began, I immediately requested an appeal because I hadn’t committed Major DTGP. With 25 minutes on the timer, I then requested medical treatment after about a minute; after that, I waited until 14:50 to claim to the cmp that due to the appeal taking longer than 10 minutes to arrive, I was now a free CE the CMP refuted this by stating that I wasnt allowed an appeal due to appeals being suspended because the XO was arrested(which isn’t a valid reason to not allow an appeal) after there were 10 minutes or so on my timer the CO woke up still no one showed to give me an appeal and at around 9 minutes left the CMP straitjacketed myself for no apparent reason as I hadn’t self-harmed myself and got me a psych eval which came back as me being sane then at about 3 minutes my straight jacket was taken off again for no apparent reason then with 30 seconds on the timer the provost inspector gave me disordly conduct for not have my prisoner garments on which were in the yard and I had no access to although they did not care afterwards i tried to get the attention of the inspector to report the CMP which didn’t work so i banged my shoes on the glass which caused the cmp to put me in a straitjacket once again.


check logs


You were arrested because of the following:

  1. You broke in/stole from the CO’s quarters (major DTGP, theft).
  2. You started choking and tabling a random man (assault).
  3. You refused to respond to delegate anyone to handle MT tasks needed to be done (NoD).
  4. You caused a ten minute manhunt because you refused to come to brig (Disorderly Conduct, Resisting arrest).

Your appeal was suspended because you were being incredibly LRP and I called a mental evaluation on you. Your timer ended during this so I was going to let you out shortly, but provost ordered additional charges on you for taking your clothes off. I put the straight jacket on you because you were breaking the glass (I dont know why shoes can break armored glass).

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Being LRP warrants an aHelp, not the suspension of an appeal


Mental evaluations and appeals cannot be done simultaneously. They both require your direct efforts.

Mental eval took place after the 10 minutes, and I also didn’t get an appeal afterwards


Yes, it was suspended and I was waiting for your mental evaluation (which is there for LRP situations).

I also cannot order an appeal on a provost-ordered charge. You had to appeal to the provost who was sitting in front of your cell.

So the reason why I didn’t get my appeal during my 30 minute sentence is cause of a mental eval that took 1 minute and the additional charges that were added when I had 30 seconds on the timer fair enough


I’ve rewatched the footage. This is what was presented to me:

You had a 30 minute sentence for Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Resisting Arrest, Major DTGP.

9 minutes into your sentence I was informed that you requested an appeal to the Commander. Sometime before this, you stripped yourself of your clothing.

1 minute after requesting an appeal to the Commander, @Warfan1815’s Provost Team arrested the Commander.

I suspended your appeal temporarily while the next Commander got to office when you had 20 minutes left.

You requested medical attention with 19 minutes left on your timer to the Warden who which removed you from your cell, which pauses your appeal and cell timer by law (which negated my suspension of your appeal).

During the time you requested medical treatment, removed from your cell, you began acting eratic and running around, trying to evade the Warden’s grasp. You delayed your own examination and made it difficult for medical staff to treat you.

It took about 3 minutes for medical staff to treat your wounds after you were stopped from running around. Your timer was resumed shortly afterward.

When your timer hit 16 minutes left, there were still 5 minutes left on your appeal timer from your initial request, and the CMO arrived to begin the mental evaluation on you. You were removed from your cell for the evaluation, however, I left your timer ongoing.

Your cell hit 9 minutes left while being evaluated by the CMO. This evaluation had lasted around 7 minutes at this point.

As soon as you were finished with the mental evaluation, I returned you to your cell, spoke with the Liaison briefly, and went immediately to CIC to re-alert the Commander (who was now Colonel Lauffer) of the appeal situation which had 5 minutes remaining after the evaluation. I was ordered to leave, and re-enter after failing to salute before announcing the appeal situation.

When I was finally able to acquire the Colonel, Provost followed close behind to brig, at which there was three minutes left on your timer. The CO began speaking to you during this time (and I believe said something along the lines of "you don’t need an appeal with a little timer left). After a bit, your timer ticked to 2 minutes which meant your appeal timer expired and you were to be released.

Sergeant Grant Thomas notified me of this, but the Colonel began speaking to you in your cell, and around this point Provost also ordered a Minor Disorderly Conduct in Confinement charge on you (after your timer expired and the CO was trying to speak with you in your cell). I did not end your sentence early as I was trying to get confirmation of the charge from the investigator.

For the Minor DCIC charge, Provost said their arrests were unappealable.

Edit: I jumbled around the CO talking to you portion. The times were off-put because of something I had said.

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Your appeal was suspended because you were being incredibly LRP and I called a mental evaluation on you.

Please can you clarify this bit, as you cannot stop an appeal over insanity. This is written into Marine Law.

[2023-05-02 01:46:16.415] SAY: Kara Parton [1]: I wish to appeal (CKEY: Ravin Hobo) (JOB: Chief Engineer)
[2023-05-02 01:46:20.735] SAY: Kara Parton [1]: To the co (CKEY: Ravin Hobo) (JOB: Chief Engineer)

*I believe a provost response team occured at this time*
[2023-05-02 01:46:21.627] SAY: Lukas Seltz [MP]: MPs great them (CKEY: Lukas292001) (JOB: Executive Officer)

[2023-05-02 01:46:41.613] SAY: Kara Parton [1]: OR (CKEY: Ravin Hobo) (JOB: Chief Engineer)
[2023-05-02 01:46:45.912] SAY: Kara Parton [1]: A provost officer (CKEY: Ravin Hobo) (JOB: Chief Engineer)
[2023-05-02 01:47:05.297] SAY: Mack Darin [1]: I think we only have the XO (CKEY: SmellyHippie) (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-05-02 01:47:06.158] SAY: Kara Parton [1]: Theres an aco (CKEY: Ravin Hobo) (JOB: Chief Engineer)

[2023-05-02 01:48:37.745] SAY: Mack Darin [MP]: CMP (CKEY: SmellyHippie) (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-05-02 01:48:43.228] SAY: Laurencia Beck [MP]: COpy? (CKEY: Ahana) (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-05-02 01:48:52.887] SAY: Mack Darin [MP]: The CE requested the XO for their appeal, but the provosts just arrested the XO. (CKEY: SmellyHippie) (JOB: Military Warden)
[2023-05-02 01:49:04.476] SAY: Laurencia Beck [MP]: Erm. (CKEY: Ahana) (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-05-02 01:49:24.179] SAY: Laurencia Beck [MP]: Consider it suspended until a new commander reaches office. (CKEY: Ahana) (JOB: Chief MP)

Above is the detailing on suspending appeals. The XO being incapable of performing the appeal does not mean it can be suspended, nor does insanity - be that confirmed or suspected.


The appeal got suspended/delayed over a couple of issues:
Suspension 1 - While the next commander reached office (XO got himself arrested by provost and I was informed she was specifically appealing to the commander, which would’ve been herself but was passed down to the RO, but the CO awoke shortly after). There’s no real protocol on what to do if the commander is incapacitated/being transferred but I immediately went to the next commander and tried to get their attention for the appeal ASAP. I don’t think it was anymore than 30 seconds when I said this that after the CO awoke and was told about an appeal situation.
Suspension 2 - She was in the middle of an insanity evaluation by the CMO. I didn’t think it’d be plausible for her to have two full conversations at once to finish up a sanity evaluation for her actions and handle her appeal at the same time since the CMO wanted her to go to the interrogation room, which requires by law to pause the timer (which I let run) when removed from the cell.
Delay 1 - Requested medical surgical treatment for something she had done to her eyes (I don’t know what).
Delay 2 - Ran around and tried to evade the Warden before she got medical treatment so the doctor couldn’t get to her, requiring him to sedate her.

I’m also looking at these logs and I was never told about requesting to appeal to provost. Provost was in brig prior to her appeal timing out and Provost re-brigging her on their own accord. She never tried to grab their attention or make it known to me (or them) that she would be willing to appeal to them.

I acted on the fact nobody was in the commander office to physically handle the appeal or delegate it, since she spurred us on a ten minute manhunt and then Provost arrested the aCO. Nobody was busy, it was just the fact nobody could physically handle it in that moment.

I suspended it only during her medical treatment and her evaluation. My post above should explain the process of what was going on.

12 minutes passed from appeal request before you requested a mental evaluation.

[2023-05-02 01:48:33.164] ADMIN: NEW JOIN: Snooper44/(Greg Lauffer)
[2023-05-02 01:49:40.999] SAY: Laurencia Beck [Command]: CO, please let me know when youre available to delegate or handle a- (CKEY: Ahana) (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-05-02 01:49:45.718] SAY: Laurencia Beck [Command]: An appeal. (CKEY: Ahana) (JOB: Chief MP)

[2023-05-02 01:58:34.487] SAY: Laurencia Beck [MedSci]: CMO, I need a mental eval in brig. (CKEY: Ahana) (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-05-02 01:58:36.538] SAY: Laurencia Beck [MedSci]: Actually, two. (CKEY: Ahana) (JOB: Chief MP)
[2023-05-02 01:59:38.485] SAY: Landon Dupont [1]: Ok who is first (CKEY: OtherHuman) (JOB: Chief Medical Officer)

While I understand you wanted to talk to the next person in the CoC, the Commanding Officer awoke just prior to the XO being arrested, and the CO still had almost a full ten minutes themselves following being notified an appeal was pending.

I am sorry, but I don’t see a legal basis for your actions.


I didn’t suspend it because I requested the evaluation. I suspended it only during the evaluation. I don’t think I made it verbal. But like I said here I let her timer run. I let the timer continue as soon as the CO woke up but things got preoccupied otherwise because of events ongoing, including her demanding medical treatment.

Based upon the logs viewed, testimony and discussions with other members of staff;

It has been decided that Ahana illegally suspended the appeal without due cause and failed to uphold Marine Law due to this. As a result based upon their track record, Ahana will be jobbanned from all Military Police roles for the forseeable future.