Redted54321 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - NessiePendragon

Redted54321 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - NessiePendragon

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Liu ‘Jackie’ Chan

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

I would like to state that I am uncertain if the report type: Enforcement Action Taken is appropriate, before posting this report, I attempted to direct message the Moderator Manager Clarion via Discord (as suggested) to discuss this but have not received a reply. As reports must be filed within 48 hours of the incident happen to be accepted, I am filling this report now.

On October 27, (server time), I was noted for Rule 4 Griefing. I am not here to dispute this charge, although its well within my right to disagree with it as in my mind, I had a valid roleplay reason for my actions.

What I am here to dispute, is the fact that NessieDragon, a moderator, who must have just passed their trial as they were only accepted on September 27th, seems to have created a rule on the fly. The evidence below will show that when asked about which rule I had broken, they replied with: “03:49:09: PM From NessiePendragon: Of course! It’s Rule 0.2. Do not use your MP gadgets if you’re not performing an arrest or your life isn’t in a serious threat.”

Now what perplexes me about this rule, is that it doesn’t exist. In the note, NessiePendragon status that I have been informed about “our policy” and when one can use MP gadgets; again I would like clarity as to where this policy exists?

I also take offence to the addition that I was argumentative. The logs clearly show that I was polite and merely curious about the Moderator’s line of thinking.

Thanks for taking time to review this report.


This is the note I received from NessiePendragon as a result of their investigation. The note is : Noted for Rule 4 - Griefing - Player, as an MP, peppersprayed 3 times and stunbattoned 2 times a Smartgunner, just because they were following him. Player is informed about our policy and when one can use MP gadgets. Player was argumentative in PMs.

The Admin Ticket Logs follow:

03:36:34: NessiePendragon PM’d Redted54321/(Liu ‘Jackie’ Chan)
03:36:34: PM From NessiePendragon: Hey there, may I ask why did you use your tools on a Marine?
03:36:53: Reply PM from-Redted54321: I was assaulted by one of them with a machete
03:41:31: PM From NessiePendragon: If someone assaults you with machete, arrest them for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. But please do not use your tools if you’re not going to perform the arrest.
03:42:12: Reply PM from-Redted54321: Uh arrests can be made at the discretion of the MP. I am not going to arrest a squad smart gunner for a minor assault. I literally pepper sprayed them once.
03:43:21: Reply PM from-Redted54321: if anything the marine commited improper escalation, the tools at my disposal or non-lethal as well. I wasn’t going out of my way to grief them with the tools either
03:43:39: PM From NessiePendragon: AWDW isn’t a minor crime. It’s major and you should have performed the arrest. Other than that, again, you can’t use your MP tools on people if you’re not arresting them. Alright?
03:45:10: Reply PM from-Redted54321: Can you please direct me to the rule that states that explicitly?
03:49:09: PM From NessiePendragon: Of course! It’s Rule 0.2. Do not use your MP gadgets if you’re not performing an arrest or your life isn’t in a serious threat.
03:51:10: Reply PM from-Redted54321: Sorry but if its 5 marines vs 1 mp, I think that quantifies as a threat. In any case, I will endeavour to be less liberal with my usage of MP tools
03:56:42: PM From NessiePendragon: Alright, according to the report I’ve received, and the logs on my screen right now, you peppersprayed 3 times and batonned 2 times a Smartgunner, even though he didn’t even shove you. What was your reasoning to use your gadgets on him?
03:57:28: Reply PM from-Redted54321: the guy was literally following me for no reason other than to intimidate me. As you know many Marines feel that they can openly harass MPs. He continued to follow me after the fact.
04:01:26: PM From NessiePendragon: So you used your tools on someone who just followed you? Have you tried to warn him verbally?
04:02:49: Reply PM from-Redted54321: After the initial usage of tools, I told them to Fuck off, they continued to advance [08:42] Arthur ‘Artie’ McStarlie says, “ASSAULT!” [08:42] Liu ‘Jackie’ Chan says, “Fuck off” [09:15] Arthur ‘Artie’ McStarlie stutters, “A-ASSAULT!”
04:16:52: PM From NessiePendragon: Alright, I’ve checked the logs. I’m sorry but you can’t pepperspray people just because they’re following you. You have already got a note for rather similar situation when you were an MP. You stated that “SAY: Liu ‘Jackie’ Chan [1]: You are lucky SG that I am not arresting you for assault” Assault is a Major crime, not a Minor as you said, perhaps you can choose to ignore his demerit in some cases, all good, but you’ve used your tools multiple times and have chosen to NOT performing the arrest, that’s griefing and it’s not allowed per Rule 4. So I’m going to issue a note per Rule 4. Please be careful in the future.
04:18:28: Reply PM from-Redted54321: Respectfully I disagree but that’s your perogative as a moderator. I would also like to know why you made up a rule about using the MP tools?
04:21:19: PM From NessiePendragon: I already explained you why you can’t use your MP gadgets in this situation.
04:21:24: Ticket resolved!

I was the only Staff online at the time of this incident, (and a tmod but they’re not allowed to handle some tickets.)

The only thing I need to explain is Rule 0.2. This is normally an Admin+ rule, but since I was the only Staff online, I’m allowed to rule it. My reasoning to rule it was, I didn’t want to discuss an obvious grief with the player in order not to waste the time of both parties.

For the Note, I quote, Griefing is the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason.

He was chasing me so my life was in danger and I protected myself. It’s not a valid roleplay reason and… It’s a little insane behavior, which is also not allowed per Rule 2. Players cannot use MP gadgets on a Marine even if they are being chased by that Marine at round start. Therefore, player’s roleplay reason was not valid, and a note has been issued.

As was expressed above, Rule 0.2 refers to adherence to staff instructions, and in this case Nessie invoked their right to make a judgement call as the highest member of staff online at the time.

That said; you absolutely should not be using your equipment to cause irritation or inconvenience to another party. By rights of Vicarious Prosecution you can waive the arrest as you are the victim of the action, but you are incapable of taking things into your own hands outside of an arrest by assaulting them via pepperspray.

I find no error in Nessie’s action taken here.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs