reintroducing infection chance if your injuries aren't treated properly...

basically if you don’t treat your wound and just take chem you may end up with an infection that will give you tox damage until cured.
could bring back space line or just make it that ointment remove the infection…
very WIP… what do you all think?

blood loss already makes untreated wounds incredibly painful to deal with, this just makes it worse

Personally, the medical side of CM is the only one I feel robust in. While I would enjoy more ways to treat marines and more complicated systems of doing so, I struggle to justify adding a new pillbottle to the already tightly-packed medical belt metas. Additionally, bleeding, the increased pain caused by burn damage, and having untreated wounds already seem like sufficient punishments for having untreated wounds.

infection doesn’t have a place anymore in modern cm

I would have been more amenable to this without the recent change to blood loss.

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