Reisyn - Player Report: Harper, Rule 6 and 7 of Synthetic Programming and Guidelines

Reisyn - Player Report: Harper, Rule 6 and 7 of Synthetic Programming and Guidelines

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Lana Deach

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What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 6 and 7 of Synthetic Programming and Guidelines

Description of the incident:

Player went out of their way to kill a queen, disregarding their own safety and not disengaging when the queen was blatantly retreating. They also neglected marines around them to do this, only attending to them after killing the queen. There were other marines around that can deal with the queen and she was on the backfoot anyway.


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Yes, hi. Harper synth player here! I do agree that this went beyond the scope of what a synthetic should do, I should’ve backed off pretty much immediately. However, the attending to marines part of the report isn’t valid, nor did I have meds to properly treat them anyway, as I was purely geared for surgery and engineering this round.

My perspective for clarity:

Added report:synth

Hi Reisyn, Hi CMSpicey.

After reviewing all the available evidence given we have found that, although Harper was permitted to initially protect the Marines in the engagement, that did not extend to the force which Harper utilized during the scuffle.

A combination of factors including the situation, blocking and most critically - the point which Harper chased down and attacked the Queen has been deemed overall a breach of programming. The level of force used by Harper exceeded that of what a Synthetic is programmed and restricted for in a similar combat situation.

Side note: Other possible discrepencies and factors outside of this report will be investigated and if needed, handled separately.

Harper will be suspended for this breach of programming.

This concludes the council’s investigation of all things within this report, it is approved.

Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs

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