Remove fireman carry from Staff Officers and give it to PFCs

Just as the title says.

I don’t think it makes sense that pink hair officers with twig ass arms, who sit their asses all day in the CIC, can fireman carry, while PFCs who regularly fight, work out, and get punished with pushups daily by the SEA, can’t lift his fellow squadmate.


I’d expect every marine aboard the ship to know how to carry their buddies when going through basic training.

SO’s included


it’s a balance thing
though i do think it’s stupid not to be able to carry for everyone, just make it so it’s slower to pick up for a regular marine ig??

i dont know balance :3

Honestly the fireman carry is too OP in general, probably shouldn’t be a thing, so it makes sense it’s only limited to certain personnel for balance reasons.

Yep i also think its stupid to not being able to fireman carry people but looks like a balancing thing.

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Wait what? SO can fireman carry???

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No it’s not. We have rollerbeds which does the same thing but instantly.

fireman carrying takes time and while carrying someone, all you can do is run. You can only use a pistol and you are extremely vulnurable to runners and lurkers.


Add a pamphlet to vendors for fireman carrying.


Yeah but there’s not always roller beds around, more often then not you’ll be in a small marine group without medics or roller beds, trying to drag back your fallen comrades very slowly. If everyone could just fireman carry you’d not have situations where smaller marine groups are struggling to get bodies back to safety, it would make it much easier for the marines in those situations.

The real question is why do you want it?

It was restricted to MP initially for practical reasons and out of balance concerns. It eventually got added to some other roles gradually in what I’d personally consider prowercreep.

Now the usual argument against these concerns is as stated above, “It’s not even that good anyway, roller beds are better anyway”.

So why do you want it everywhere then? It’s not even like it has much value as a feature.

IIRC it is dependent on “Policing Skill”. Turn it into Firearms/Weapon Skill. Fireman Carry 1 is slow, but not as slow as dragging but slower than rollerbed shoving. still makes 0 sense paper-pushing computer desk jockeys can do it but shitshoveling marines can’t. not everyone packs a rollerbed, and FC at level 1 still sucks but options do not suck. people choosing not to wear light armor and rollerbeds shouldn’t be screwed over while people who will use it 5% of the time (being generous to combat deployed SOs) got it.


It used to be dependent on it now it has it’s own skill.

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I like carrying people and I wanna carry people, it’s cinematic as fuck like Forrest Gump and not as goofy looking as rollerbed pulling.


“Its too OP!!!” We have marines that go face to face with queens only to rollerbed one guy that would have been capped within seconds.

Rollerbeds are so much better and faster than fireman carry so why shouldn’t marines be able to do this thing that takes 7 long seconds and actually be rewarded for it. Its not like they are going as fast as synths who can pick someone up and then be at the medbay to remove a larvae within 2 seconds.

This would rewards marines for grabbing their dying buddies with the wait time of 8 seconds. I did a fireman carry as a marine once and it was like both of my legs were broken and I had max hunger. It’s also way more soulful and immersive then fuckin rollerbeds being carried by 24 marines because evem though they are trained and physical fit they are somehow incapable of putting their buddy up on their arms.

Again if you say its OP you are seeing synths that go 30 miles per hours since they aren’t even human.

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Roller bed is an item you need to take and xenos can break it.

Synths are OP, but they are limited role, unlike PFCs.

Roller beds also take an equipment slot for what it matters, and has a direct counter by it being slashed once for it to break. Fireman carry however you have to crit the marine gold the person for them to drop them.

Well when roller beds are not around and a wounded marine needs medical attention which is also not around or it is just too dangerous there the fireman carry will give the medic a few more valuable seconds to save them

Perhaps we could have an even more nerfed version of fireman carry for marines? One that takes a bit of time to finish and slower to carry them? Could still allow marines to have some “cinematic” moments while still allowing xenos to spank slow moving marines fleeing.

We can always fiddle with numbers


Why not make it a really expensive pamphlet? That way anyone can have it but they’d have to sacrifice some stuff they want.

The only thing i spend points on as rifleman nowadays is MD and a brown webbing. I used to just buy the forklift certified before it got removed. Points nowadays aren’t worth much i’m afraid.

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