Remove green blood/thwei and neuraline/ultrazine from chem recipes

These chems are so completely RNG that there’s almost no chance (or actually no chance) of getting them some rounds.

Green blood and thwei can sometimes spawn in IO vials but they also usually don’t - on top of that your round has a good chance of not even being able to have any pred spawns. Unfair just locking research behind something that can be 100% impossible to get for a given round.

I also think there shouldn’t be neuraline/ultrazine as reagents, since they are still being required in some spawn/level 1 chems. Incredibly low chance to get them from plant UM use. I thought there was a PR to fix this but it’s still happening.

Let them still be scanned/used for research and such but I don’t think they should be reagents.


You can do it yourself

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Great point there. But given that this is the Ideaguys section of the forum I thought I would post my feedback.


This is absolutely going to happen. The only question is when: I would be making a lot more research updates, be I not distracted by having to fix a gamebreaking bug du jour every time I sit down for some coding.