Remove Hijack. Or Make It Optional

True then we can lynch anybody who runs it

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Then just remove it outright. No more exceptions, decisions made by Queen, or whatever. Marines evac, Queen presses funny button, game over. Just for the love of Kane, make funny button pressing be long (like even 3 minutes) and be very loud, obvious and giving command a big, big notification, so no sneaky breaking into FoB just to click it despite 70 marines groundside.

Stealth hijack is major skill issue on marine side. If you let 20-30 xenoes tunnel in/break into fob, call the drop ship/have the drop ship parked, and nobody notices, then you deserve what you get.

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Hijack during lowpop is absolutely miserable unless there was a good story beat to it. Played three lowpop stomps in a row last night and waiting for hijack to play out was beyond tedious. Even worse, it quickly eroded the player count and made the problem snowball. People just wanted it to end.

A system requiring both the aCO and Queen to opt into hijack makes a ton of sense if forcing a Marine evac constitutes a Xeno victory and hijack is considered a victory lap/coda. This avoids meta evacs by letting the Queen say “lol no” and just take the win if the Marines try to game the process, and allows both parties to avoid uninteresting stomp matches following what should be a decisive end to the round.

It is not about stealth hijacks, it is about hypotetical removal of hijack completly and then making dropship console “I win” button where Queens and entire hive would do everything just to get to click that button nad “I win” even despite major marine force being present planetside and alive.

Right now with hijack the way it was for a long time, Queen and half of the hive just suiciding to lock the console achieves marine major, instead of xeno minor.

Lets be real, if hijack was removed and this issue not mentioned, it would happend and become a reality. Thank Kane we have the power of foresight.

The best way to check, without admin intervention, a xeno victory groundside, is the queen locking the DS. Dosn’t matter if its done with 10, 50 or 200 marines groundside. The moment the queen can “comfertably” launch the DS into the alamyer and survive the impact (Not die to onboard marines), its a guaranteed xeno victory (minor or major who cares).

Keeping console button a win button for xenoes still makes sense, as its a good mechanical way that shows that xenoes won groundside either through marine incompetance (not noticing stealth “hijack”), or marine evac.

If you really care only about CM version of an antag green text, then you do you.

I, however, think that such situation, where major marine force is still alive in good shape and groundside, but the round ended, because “xenos won” would be a major buzzkill.

That is why I proposed that console locking would be a long and obvious process, so that xenos have to actually put an effort to win in a way most enjoyable for both sides, trough combat where everyone who wants to, can participate.

At this point why not make it so that if marines touch some kind of special resin structure, they immediately win? Even if it was made by a scout 10 minutes after dropping.

I’m a bit concerned if you even read my posts, because you seem to miss the point almost every time. I’m not proposing the removal of DS locking, only so it takes long and is obvious to prevent certain unpleasant situations when hijack gets removed. There is a reason DS unlocks after a while, so that Queen sneaking/suiciding for the console while actually unable to conquer LZ doesn’t break the game.

Unguarded every square of LZ, where burrower makes a tunnel, Queen jumps out and rushes console is not a skill issue. Otherwise guarding hosts when nest weren’t permanent was a skill issue too, skill issue that was solved by devs removing it, instead of xenos getting more “skilled”.
They are both an issue of boredom.

The only thing i would add is not a OCC timer, but an amount of xenoes in the hive in the dropship, if i would add one. Don’t make it some static timer, just make it so 90% of the hive or so HAS to be inside the dropship before you can win button it (you can still just lock it though). I am heavily against static timers that can be switched out for more dynamic ones.

I genuinely kind of find it hard to read what you post half the time. Can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but I only have that problem with you. But the issue is probably with me.

Big eh. We currently have a mainstay of bravoids where all they do is just sit in fob, and not complain. It’s mostly the guys that usualy play the others squads who comments on how boring bravo gameplay is, yet I haven’t heard or seen any bravoids really complain about it. Not even gramps, the most bravoid player there is.

It has essentialy become a playstyle that 85% of the marines don’t like, but 15% enjoy. While sentinel camping hive wasn’t liked by ANYONE, and was thus removed.

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If you only care about "winning’ then the Queen already gets a Minor Victory if they do a sneaky hijack. Ergo you won’t care if the queen can just capture the dropship

If you are coming from a roleplay perspective, then you don’t really care if the DS is captured since now, you just come back to the FOB and kill the Queen.

grabs a beer, chair and popcorn


Hold the ship or die

Evac is for cowards


Log off and watch Youtube shorts.


what if i just integrate subway surfers to cm instead

This thread is nuts. Steelpoint is suggesting an ending choice that is completely optional for the benos.



Like what the fuck, where is all of this vitriol coming from? It’s the suggestions forum.

If this were to be added, it also easily be taken away if it didnt work properly.


the vitriol is coming from shipside players/cic who want to frag shipside and are mad that the queen/hive should be the ones to choose whether to hijack or not, AFTER they lost the groundside part of the round

I find it ridicilous that my reward for winning groundside as xeno and winning the fucking mind numbing fob siege is… SIEGING MORE. I LOVE SIEGING CADES AND PUSHING TURRETS!! ITS SO FUCKING FUN!!


Shipside hijack is cool here because it is a coin toss and the outcome doesn’t always have to be foretold. Though I’m also sympathetic to the absolute drudgery of being forced to hijack as a xeno.

Where capture systems for the dropship ARE in place on other servers, hijack only happens when xenos know it’ll be a clubbing. Which also means usually that there’s not any real point to it since it creates 10 minutes of steamroll that can be predicted 99% of the time. In those cases, I’ve only ever seen maybe 15 comebacks, in like 2k hours, 4 with the help of ERT.

So if we agree the game is genuinely done and over the moment the DS gets called down, then I suppose skipping hijack is fine. But do we agree the game is over then? Or do we still hope that there’s ERT/greenos/scrappy enough marines to rush the DS/evac/SD? I think there’s a lot of flattening of potentials that’ll happen if hijack becomes optional, but I’m also not against it because I know that being forced to hijack as a hive of 30 against 85 marines plus their ERT does create a worse experience for xeno players, whether they hijack and get it over with or whether they try to sit and AFK for 10 minutes in the hopes of having a whole 33 xenos when they hit the ship instead.

Asymmetrical TDM causes asymmetry in experiences; there’s no neat way to resolve this without taking something away from someone.

Also there’s no dichotomy between “winning” and “RP” as the only two options, or at least it’s not an either-or case. There’s something to satisfaction. It’s immensely satisfying to SD as a marine. It’s immensely satisfying to breach a pump hold and stop lifeboat evac as a xeno. There’s not a lot of RP involved in focusing in on a time-pressured goal. And in these cases, no one wins the first, marines still lose on the second. But there is a genuine affective realm that is influneced by post-groundside gameplay that I’m sure people can say adds to or detracts from the richness of their experience and how they leave the round feeling; and this again is the asymmetry of asymmetrical that can’t be neatly quantified by setting up players as only being those who RP or those who Greentext.

Extra extra:
TGMC cap on the dropship has it so you can only capture if there’s 6 or fewer marines groundside, and the cheesing of this on there is only possible because there’s a ship-to-planet dropship mechanic chaos thing with the TAD, which CM lacks. Like the TAD would be used to mass-move forces but the moment you take off, because it puts you on a new z-level, the Queen could just be sitting in FOB waiting for you to take off to touch the funny button, even though the TAD intends to land again somewhere with 40 marines on it. So here, if that was implemented, capture would only work if marines evac’d or if the stubborn ones on ground who didn’t evac all got killed. I think the only fringe case would be if marines evacuated the FOB on the Alamo and intended to land again at the OTHER LZ without conceding the groundside, which is fringe, i think? In contrast, on TGMC, it was meta to NOT have a FOB because it’s too hard to hold. Which at least for here, the system feels fair enough to me, random round ends because Queen rushed an understaffed FOB to capture wouldn’t happen if the actual code port was, well, done correctly.

Next time stand on a landing pad so that hijacked dropship gibs you. Call other xenos to do the same. If you all do that, then xenos immediately won a xeno minor without having to siege anything.

Unfortunatly, that is against the rules of “Use your slot”, and urging xenoes to kill themselves for no other reason then meta is also looked down upon.

Personally, my least favorite part of hijack is how small the window is between that and Evac.
I haven’t played much since the Apop and Feweh days, so i could be remembering wrong, but hijack now seems to happen the second marines get off the Alamo.

Like before, it felt like we could go up, lick our wounds, re-arm, and have a debrief with the CO.
This was also back when we had to pretend to not know why the Alamo left, which was sometimes silly, but it leaned toward more RP reactions then just “alright, where we cading” the second we evac back on the Almayer

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@Cabal Next time stand on a landing pad so that hijacked dropship gibs you. Call other xenos to do the same. If you all do that, then xenos immediately won a xeno minor without having to siege anything.

As @RainbowStalin states, you can’t really do this. Putting aside how asinine it is to suggest people either kill their characters or quit the game over this.

Outside of a admin doing a event to skip hijack, which from collection is extraordinarily rare and only ever offered during hyper-extended rounds where the entire server just wants it to end.

@tiredbum Like before, it felt like we could go up, lick our wounds, re-arm, and have a debrief with the CO.
This was also back when we had to pretend to not know why the Alamo left, which was sometimes silly, but it leaned toward more RP reactions then just “alright, where we cading” the second we evac back on the Almayer

This is the truth to a degree. Back in the far older days the delay from Marines being pushed off planet, and the start of hijack, was long enough that you often had the typical/mandatory/traditional post-operation debriefing with enough time to even get changed out of uniform and not rush.

Nowadays I feel we’re in a system akin to the end-days of the pre-contact rules in regard to how everyone treats hijack. Everyone knows what is going to happen and is already preparing for it as much as they can without metagaming.

@NyoomVoyager I feel the novelty of hijack is lost when we repeat it every single round that Marines lose. Perhaps if the event was far more uncommon.

I will continue to expose that the presence of hijack is a detriment to the core game loop of planetside. Shipside hijack removes resources and effort from the planet towards a tiny part of the round. Marines save metal, ammo and their lives so they can win shipside, xenos act slower and less deliberate to avoid dying thus extending the FOB siege. All in total I believe this is a net detriment to the game.

If it were up to me I’d just remove hijack and reserve it for a uncommon admin event, or even make there be a fully fledged Distress Call version of the Almayer for Marines and Xenos to fight in.