Remove or change CargoTechnician/quartermaster skills from engineering [Survivor]

A few days ago, I was playing survivor and decided to mix it up and decided to roll engineering survivor with the intention of building an elaborate trap of folding cades and cancer shock doors.

When I spawned in, I was a quartermaster, went to IC > Check skills >

  • 1/3 Construction
  • 1/3 Engineering
  • 0/3 Medical

I mean… This is absaloutely pathetic! I couldnt even shock doors let alone build damn folding cades. Putting quartermaster in engineering survivor variant is completely misleading, when the skills they get is literally worse than a security officer.

The skills should be ammended, to be at least

  • 2/3 Construction
  • 2/3 Engineering
  • 0-1/3 Medical

Its absaloutely completely misleading, how a engineering job gets less engineering skill than a literal Wey-Yu security officer, let alone the fact how a literal cargo job, the quartermaster somehow ended up being in Engineering and not civilian!

Playing as a engineer on LV right now is completely hit or miss, since you have moreoreless a 33/100 chance of getting an actual engineer, since the engineering jobs on the rotation for the map are:

  • Cargo Technician
  • Quartermaster
  • And one actual engineer

All in all, I think that the cargo jobs on LV should be on the civilian survivor, or either buff their construction and engineering skill to 2/3 so they arent completely useless and a waste of a survivor roll. Anyways, this is just what I think but all in all it doesnt make any sense whatseover.

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