Remove Queen Gibbing

Remove Queen gibbing, and replace it with a special acid that can melt all of the clothing in the body, including all weapons and spec weapons.
Being gibbed and perma removed from the round can feel pretty infuriating, specially in those moments that you would definitively be recovered in a push. If the “special acid” got added, most of that fustration would be solved, as you could still be recovered and revived, but all of your gear would be gone, essencially demoting you back to PFC if you’re Spec/SG/CO etc, and force you to go to the Almayer to ressuply.
The functionality would still be the same, as all of the precious spec gear would be destroyed, and the marines get an extra PFC, that will be laughed on by his squad buddies for losing all of his gear.


If anything, woyer gib needs to go. Also, they could still camp your corpse regardless.

Gibbing is honestly both satisfying and fun to watch. So L take. -1


A chillout spot to relax after you get RR’d would be cool. Could probably have like a thunderdome type area / Firing range with a bar, and whatnot.


And so is shooting marines being capped without OOC permission. That is very hard to prove and can be easily parried with the counter-claim “we’re holding a choke”.

Also I love the idea of a ghost area for people to brawl or just talk.

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I do agree that gibbing can be unfun to be put through, and that personally I do wish we had a alternative to capping marines cause being capped and perma removed is equally unfun.

But, that’s where the game stands in its balance.

Furthermore, xenos don’t get revives, and gibbing is a strategic move that a queen can take to remove a particular individual from the round forever, it does force them to move off of Ovi as well.

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No. Do not remove Queen gibbing thats like the whole point! Plus comon marines have a little fun.


Queen gibbing is extremely soulful. Seeing the pile of guts and organs that was the specialist/SG inspires HRP moments between marines, and improves the atmosphere and immersion felt by the playerbase.


If you can manage a warrior decap then that means you can, much more easily, manage a full cap. Both are perma round ends, so I don’t see the issue unless you’re a arguing that warrior decap hurts the hive by denying a cap

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Remove necromancy from marines. Same as remove gibbing


Make Marines have 500 to 800 health, hard crit once they take 200 health, xenos can’t move, attack or infect hard crit marines, once marines die, they go perma.

Not a good idea, but its the only way you remove revives

That does look better, since then marines only “die” when they are actually dead. Otherwise they are quite litterary bleeding out until a medic gets to them.

It would be a big change though, and you’d have to change chems with it, but a good idea nontheless

Such a system is going to require a complete overhaul of our medical system alongside a big design document.

I’ll give full credit to the madman who wants to overhaul our medical system cause it’ll be one of the most difficult and divisive changes to the game.

Afaik it’s no longer. Since #rule-clarification removal everything that’s not in the rules is a fair play. You can camp bodies. Also it’s pretty fitting for the Vietnamisque theme.

I’ll give full credit to the madman who wants to overhaul our medical system cause it’ll be one of the most difficult and divisive changes to the game.

There was an attempt actually with kenshi med, tldr bodyparts could sustain only certain amount of tiers of damage and when they’re full you’re dead dead.

Brainmed confirmed…

yeajjh my bad
i hate rule clarifications :frowning:

“Xenos dont get revives”

screams in 8 pooled, lesser drones, playable huggers

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the only time xenos will have more than 5 pooled is if

  • 25~ xeno players on roundstart compared to the 150 marines
  • double pylons during FOB siege

Either way, the round is going to be over within the next 20 minutes and the larvas will have minimal impact on the round (no time to become t2 or t3, queen will be off ovi). Lesser drones and facehuggers have very little impact other than “run in, use ability, return to deadchat.”

And outside of these situations, xenos will need to spend 5-20 minutes AFK/alt tabbed (you can’t play as hugger more than once due to the possibility of missing a larva) to get another chance to play larva and wait to evolve to become a t1 so that they can have an impact on the round again.

L take.