Remove Queen OVI evo ticks

Its a bad, a very bad design. Usually it end with nukes because Queen is force into a state that the game can actually progress. Stale game like always? well that’s usually because Queen is forced back to give evolution to players. Most Queen’s ignore it so people that want to have a round get… t1. I find this design to ruin alot of players since it got in. One… ONE player should not have the power to do that. Devs: “well now she need to ovi!” Result is however very different, If she does OVI and its a long round. Nuke get in. So stale mate coding turn into even more forced stalemate. I never liked that one person can ruin the fun of the rest of the playerdatabase that want to evo to their caste. But here we are, She OVI in late round by design, reward is a nuke. I honestly have no idea why that mechanic is still going on after defcon is gone and after the techtrees. It does not make one side have any fun at all. Most of them literally ghost because they see the queen off OVI. Not one person should have the power to make 50+ other people having their fun. Remove the god damn evo when queen OVI damn it.

Maybe rather so that xenos would get evo points very slowly when the queen is off ovi and normal fast when she is on, as just removing the ovipositor evolve progress would probaly lead to the queen which is basically the big stompy tank of the xenos being able to stun everyone on screen just frontlining all time.

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I don’t normally shit on ideas from ideaguys, but…

This is probably one of the worst thought-out ideaguys threads I’ve seen in, uh… a long time. Evolution ticks are one of the FEW things that pull a queen off the frontline from the screech → neuro spam → capture → repeat ‘gameplay loop’. Even eggs and facehuggers are practically phased out now due to the removal of the spawning pool, enabling ALL corpses to be used as hugger fuel.

Your logic behind it, that ‘one player should not have the power to do that’, is asinine. The aCO has the power to unilaterally do almost whatever they want on the marine side. The queen can determine how the hive operates and when/if she wants to ovi - not that it matters, because queens by far do not ignore evolution.

I’ve never even had issues evolving when I want to, as most queens will shuffle between frontlining and sitting on ovi. It’s not bad design. It’s intentional (and frankly, good) design with actual thought behind it at the pros and cons of a queen that spends too much time doing combat.

Also, your assertations are either flat out lies or simply erroneous. The vast majority of rounds:

Do NOT end in nukes.
Do NOT have queens that ignore evolution.
Do NOT result in ‘forced stalemate’.