Remove Scout Specialist Invisibility

the harry potter cloak that scouts get is stupid and doesn’t make sense in lore

instead we should give them tools like in the media, give them special thermal goggles to see xenos and stuff through walls, collect information, little hover drones to ping xenos around them and increase accuracy of shots or w/e

scout we have rn is less of a scout and front line info gatherer but instead a harry potter wizard who casts INCENDO at xenos to set them on fire, occasionally machetes them, memes the hive, and PBs things


Was confused by the title at first, I don’t actually care about the scout, I just hate Harry Potter :face_vomiting:


someone just bought aliens dark descent


I don’t actually disagree, but “muh balance”. Also it is deeply amusing when a scout c4’s an ovi’d queen.


Thread renamed for… obvious reasons.

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I don’t play Scout Spec but I believe their cloaking ability is integral to the role.

Without it they are being castrated of their most unique spec ability. Akin to removing AP and WP rockets for the RPG or the flame immunity/defence from Pyro.

Without cloak what is a Scout? A NVG wielding guy with a stronger M4RA with very limited ammo that will run out quickly. You could argue a SL with NVGs and a XM88 would be on the same level as a Scout Spec without cloak.

I feel if you want to remove their cloak, they’d need a really good alternative feature to be given to compensate for the gutting of the role. I’d already argue that Scout spec is not exactly a “”“top tier”“” spec compared to other’s so removing their cloak would cast them to the realm of ‘never used’. I don’t think “thermal goggles” or drones would be sufficient compensation.

tremendously L take, scouts RARELY scout, they should be given lots of tools to scout and maybe at BEST a temporary cloak, a permanent cloak like they have, and how impossible it is to see them is fucking stupid game design

infinite cloaking mechanics in pvp games are bad

the harry potter cloak is stupid

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1; how a scout acts/utilized on the battle field is dependent on the person playing scout. Example; I often times operate as a JTAC operator when I play scout, going behind lines, throwing CAS flares, use the laser designator that scout is given to call in CAS, Etc. In the end, I can still use JTAC comms (or Command Comms should CIC allow it) and give information regarding events on the battlefield, you are not limited by the role but rather what you can do with it.

2; the cloak is thematic, in a world with synthetics (Robotic humanoid looking people) that can imitate a regular person (Lore even has this stated) while the crew is none the wiser. Its not too far of a reach to say they have cloaking tech, or something close to it. On top of this, the cloak is not over powered, the armor scout has to wear makes him very squishy, still liable to huggers, and not completely invisible (it lowers your opacity but not to 0, closer to 20~30 imo) and thusly you can still spot the scout. And another thing, YOU CAN STILL SEE SCOUT THROUGH WALLS LIKE NIGHT AND DAY! With the complete blackness that you often see behind walls, it makes it easier to see the light gray outline of scout right there and not to mention he cant shoot while cloaked (even when he uncloaks it takes 5~10 seconds before he can shoot his rifle due to mechanical restraint).

3; Perhaps this is a you thing, but I ask you. DEFINE WHAT ‘SCOUTING’ MEANS! Does it mean reporting frontline events? deaths and kills? Or does it mean going behind the backline and plotting a path for marines to take? All three? Define it here and now so this cant be mistaken for later.

darn, now my comment means nothing.

Remove the super click delay from the cloak instead so you can jump scare assassinate lurkers like you used to be able to. Insta decloak PBing was wholesome, and so was the insta decloak flamer scout.