Remove solo capping

capturing marine should be like capturing pokemon imo, unless you majorly get the jump on them or they come pre-injured, you should have to beat their ass a little.

I think the current way that it is where so many crit marines die while getting gobbled is ??? very discouraging to capping.

Ive had a bunch of scenarios where I knock a marine into extremely light crit, like not even a hit over them falling down, and then they die while im capping.

Why should xenos get punished for winning a fight and being able to get a full devour off on a solo marine

Me when I throw a fast ball (runner) at a marine and capture them instantly.

Marine salt strikes again, and made capping harder. :sob:


This is too much, buff capping now, teach the fear of god to these ungrateful marines

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Some questions to description of that PR (i am too lazy do directly contact the PR author)
“Runners were never really meant to be a capping caste and I think it’s unintended that that’s like 90% of their use right now.” - then what counts as “the capping” caste?
“Currently Runners completely outclass Lurkers and I think this will even the playing field, with Lurkers being better for caps and runners being better for the skirmishing they’re intended for.” - I am really confused where that is coming from, i would argue that lurker (t2) is already superior to runner (except in that one case when runners try to actually cap)

“Crushers were kinda tacked on to keep the logic consistent.” - those 2 people that drag marines as crushers, RIP

Also, why i can’t solo queen?!?!?!?! Why can she cap me when i rush her alone with my pulse rifle!?!?!!!

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The worst part is that lurker is by far the worst solo capper right now, since all it has is the 30% pounce tackle vore thing that is met with a pb 50% of the time. I have no clue how they see lurker as a capping class at all.




As a marine main, i can confirm this is coping and malding, Speed merge this now until the Xenodevs give us back APC and Tank.


APC killed me more than it helped me, it can stay gone.

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It is a relict of old times where local fauna was plentifull and all over the colony, so runner was best caste to gather them.

CM-SS13 - Forums is a good place in case you have feedback about that PR (or any PR)

The runner wiki page does say

The Runner, as her name entirely implies, is the fastest caste available to the Alien Hive. She is small and nimble, able to effortlessly run under and above most waist-high obstructions, leaping over (unwired) barricades and tables alike, and dragging off Marines faster than most. Her speed, however, is made up for by her extremely low durability; any sustained damage will usually lead to the death of a Runner, forcing her to pick her encounters carefully and making the price for a mistake rather high.

So the basis of the PR being “runners aren’t supposed to be a capping class” makes no sense to me.


Base runner boutta get put down in the back garden. Acid rooner supremacy!