Remove the Stun for "Grabbing" a Xeno

Please for the love of god, remove the stun that happens when you mistakenly “Grab” a xeno. While it doesn’t happen often when it does, you’re done.



dont grab intent a xeno then lol?

skill issue?


I think it’s kind of funny that you get stunned for trying to grab one but the stun should probably be way shorter. No reason for it to be as long as it is really. Just super punishes anyone trying to grab a marine corpse who accidentally clicks a xeno instead.
Should just be a short knock down, shorter than runner pounce stun

A knock back with no damage

Sounds like a good alt. Make grabbing a xeno knock the marine back, stun them for 1 second or less, and hurt them a little, like a defender’s tail swipe.

Grabbing (recovering) marine corpses is pretty powerful, I think punishment is fair if you fuck up a grab from under a xeno.


Then why don’t praetorians get a fuck up when they miss their opressor grab?

They do get a long ass cooldown tho.

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And how is that a high risk? Why don’t they get stunned aswell. Why is it only marines that get stunned.

Therefore a knock back or just allowing marines to grab xeno is fair.

It’s not a high risk, but still a risk because you just wasted time and need to wait for 30 seconds or so before your ability recharges. Arguably it hurts more than stun on its own (if there is no follow-up).
But most importantly this is an asymmetric game, so saying “X side has Z, so Y should have it too” just doesn’t apply at all.

Opressor has really bad kit if they miss the pull, so you should really just rush them down and murder them with AP.

But even then the penalty for grabbing a xeno shouldn’t be a stun. But should be much more lenient.

Being in stun is basically like game over in multiple scenario’s.

Just yesterday I saw a medic misclick a marine that was being dragged by a woyer. He died and so did she cause she got stunned.

Funny thing I just noticed from my test server. You just can’t even try to grab a xeno on “grab” intent. It just do nothing. You only get stunned on ctrl + click. Probably a bug/oversight tho, but use it before it gets fixed.