Remove very strong pheros

An idea that’s been on my mind for a while now. Very strong recovery lets xenos heal to full in the matter of seconds, that makes shooting them without killing almost pointless, you don’t even really buy time this way, because they recover way to fast. It’s kinda fine with weaker pheros. Thoughts?

very strong pheros do not make you heal to full in “a matter of seconds”, it encourages sticking to leader’d xenos and makes queen a little more important. It’s not fine with weaker pheros either it’s annoying as hell for the player to sit and wait for a while to heal, especially on higher pops where it takes longer to heal (game slowing down).

let the marine CO seep strong pheros by ripping a penjeman

Very strong recov pheros are yeah, very powerful, but not necessarily needing removal. Without fast healing, xeno is a pain in the ass to play.

Maybe some ways to debuff pheros could work…? like say:

  • Some special ammos that debuffs pheros.

    • an XM88 hitting a phero emitter could debuff the pheros they emit to weak for a bit (xm88 really could use buffs)
    • A flamer hitting a phero emitter could also debuff pheros
  • Have an “in-combat” healing debuff that lasts for 30 seconds after getting shot, and caps xeno healing at medium or weak recov phero rate.

  • Buff recov pod: have recov pod speed up the removal of “in-combat” debuffs, since currently recov pod is very underwhelming compared to pheros.

just spitballing ideas… … …

The flamer one is actually a nice idea. Xenos have to “concentrate” to release pheros. Fire is a xenos weakness. So why not let fire break there “concentration” and turn pehros off. Not disabel it, just making it so they need to be turned on again when they are no longer on fire.
And yes, i am trying to put DnD rules into CM.