removing handheld Health-scanner entirely

Just entertaining an idea.

Removing health scanners gives potential for increased immersion and pushing medical into a less perfectionist role, slowing fieldwork down and making it more personal.

“I feel like shit doc, can you dose something?”

The Corpsman/Doctor would need to examine their patient, for more hidden injuries the patient might have to explain what they’re feeling

You look at Pete Hardy
You see their right leg is broken, they can hardly stand!
*They’re looking awfully pale"

“I feel real woozy doc, can you help me?”



i already OD myself on the regular - please no

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Sounds good until you are now forever afraid to inject a Marine with any chemical in fear of overdosing them.

This would only work if you restricted it so only Corpsman or other medical workers could inject chemicals, and Marines were otherwise restricted to bandages, ointment and splints.

Might be more realistic, but it’d be a huge change.

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Watch as half of the marine force dies of OD.

Seriously though, the reason scanners exist is cause no one cares enough to ask if you are meded. To do that it would require medics to be more careful and marines to cooperate with them, paying attention every time they get meded and so on. It’s just, most are not willing to try so hard over this game.


i think a more reasonable approach would be to have a lower tech medical scanner.
current scanner would become MK2 and MK1 would become the low tech version…?
it could even be something totally optional for medical personnel that want to play with more challenge/RP.

1-first step would be to remove the recommendation the scanner make.
2-For fracture i would just show if the person you scanned as broken bone with a red text.
but to get the broken limb you will need to test all the limbs with the scanner.
(that would make it more viable for people to ask to the patient where they feel pain etc…

i am not going to detail the rest for now but i see potential there.


im sure this guy will play corpsman after a change like this is merged


@Steelpoint You hit the nail on the head.

Additionally bandages and ointmens get increased heal over time to compensate for no chems, invertly reducing chem heal effectiveness with a more lax OD rate. becoming a ‘helping chem’ instead of the only way to heal like currently.

@The_Swatter Optionally a blood-scanner purely for OD’s as every od is almost the same as another.

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I know some versions of SS13 use a far more “hands on” approach to their medical examination system, typically based on physical examinations of the patient and manually inspecting their body to ascertain damage and theorycrafting solutions based on your personal knowledge base of the medical system plus what you can try to glean from a physical examination.

The issue therein is that on those servers, generally you have far more time to deal with a patient and you typically are not dealing with a lot of patients at a time. Whereas here you are dealing with a deluge of dozens of patients whilst being attacked by Xenomorphs trying to kill you.

One of the biggest balance factors of this game is how quickly the Marines can heal the wounded and get them back into the fight, if you make this kind of change you are most certainly going to slow down the recovery rate and thus hurt the Marine offensive potential.


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This would make corpsman virtually impossible to play with any decent amount of effectiveness. The scanner already can’t see organ damage, embryos, and certain drugs/reagents - making it worse isn’t gonna be fun for many people IMO…


Thing is an average CM marine already hates spending longer than 1 minute on getting treated especially if in a queue. CM is a fast game, slowing down medical will anger a bunch of people. It’s like if you play TF2 and every time you die you got to wait 4 minutes to get back in the game


This would be cool to add as an ancillary/alternative to using the hand scanner, but replacing it entirely would probably not work. A fun addition, but not a great substitution.

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Having a sidegrade to a more specific scanner could work. One that only shows the limb it scans, but scans it like a stationary scanner.

Where are xeno fractures and xeno organs then removal of wardens and healer drones suggestions are located?

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In the same area of “Why don’t marines perma when they go down, and have to capture a live xeno to get a single marine back?”.

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PFCs already got obliterated with medical after the nerfs to injectors, bleeding, and the medical rig. its actually getting into the “if a medic isnt within your screen you cannot play the game” territory. also injectors were nerfed again because of their limited refilling usually

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Hell, why have even bother having Medics at all?

Sounds like Marine handholding to me, and lord knows the life of a Medic is handheld just about enough already

Maybe its about time for Marines to be left to their own devices for once? Your leg is broken? You have IB? Perhaps you should curl up and die like the cannon fodder you are!!

After all the ridiculous HM buffs recently, im glad someone was finally able to say what needs to be said!

So yes! Please remove our health scanners at once!!!


Corpsman asking John ‘How do I Play’ Smith if he has IB or fractures after he gets revived.


Raise skill floor for a medic, great idea.

How does raising skill floor via obscuring vital information from medic makes it into “less perfectionist role”?
Veteran medics will mostly correct guess state of most marines, while newbies will be baffled what to do with those 10 pill bottles they have in their medbelt.
Old PFC players (like me) will learn to state their health status like borg states its laws, with all acronyms and shortcuts possible.
Newbies will flouride stare at a medic who asks them: “Do you have shrap, ib, frac in groin, did you took kelo, bica, tram, para, or qc, how many times did you get reved, will you be heartbroken, do you vomit, do you feel sharp pain in head, is your vision blurry, are you hungry?”

The entire marine force after 3 minutes from frist drop is held by medics. They cannot be touched like that. Atleast with med supplies nerf the core of medic is still the same.

If it is for “immersion” then sure, tie vitals scan to medical ability instead of a device, give medics “blood analyser” that checks for ODs, what chems are inside, blood level and toxin damage. The rest is done via ability and empty hands. But it is just as fast as with health analyser.

Groundside combat roles shouldn’t have to be on the level of a robust geneticist, or robust atmospheric tech to do their job.

I remember when health analyser and self-check didn’t show broken chest/groin and head. Just that was already a cancer.
However I do want to see the look on face of whoever thinks this is good idea, when they witness newbie medic talking to a newbie marine asking about his wounds, when sweaty acid runner circles them like a fly and slashes them once every few seconds.


We should totally remove the health scanner. And just bake in it’s readout to the HUD(Accessible through Examine with hyperlinks like the SecHUDs or the last scan thingie.) so I don’t have to chase down the dumb private running away from me trying to slap my scanner against his skull. And Corpsman get a new shiny extra slot in their belt that doesn’t need to be a scanner.

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I kinda like the core idea of there being a significant increase in roleplay for medics and marines to treat their issues. However, with the way CM is designed there is no world that I could see this working out in any way that doesn’t end terribly. I imagine this could work on slower paced, not combat orientated servers.

I’ll be honest, if this changed happened and medics were expected to perform at the the level we do now, I’d hang up my lifesavers bag. I don’t think I’d have it any may to struggle through trying to diagnose medical issue mid combat with a marine who might not understand how to describe their problems.

It’s an interesting idea and I support anyone who comes up with them. Sadly it’s not practical without an entire rework of what we have now.