Rename the MP Riot ERT to Special Reaction Team

Ok you might ask what the point of this would be and the reason is simply because i’d like them to have an actual name. I mean Riot MPs is a rather generic name for them so i suggest that like Marsoc and FORECON we use a real name for them. As a Special Reaction Team in real life is the Marine equivalent to a SWAT team. Really this isn’t important but i’d just like them to have a real name instead of the generic “Riot MPS”.

These guys only get rubber slugs, tasers, batons and tear gas. Renaming them to Special Reaction Team would be kind of misleading to someone wouldnt it? Like you want to play as a marsoc knockoff but you get spawned in as glorified MPs.


True man.

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Well you could say the same for FORECON from what I’ve seen. FORECON is Spec ops capable but in game they play the same as any survivor or rifleman once they get aboard the almayer. Imagine wanting to play lesser capable MARSOC survivors and it’s just glorified Almayer squads

That’s because FORECON got absolutely fucked groundside, you’re playing FORECON survivors, not just regular FORECON.

Rename them to the Neroid Sector Special Weapons and Tactics unit [PROVOST ______'s HAMMER!]

Just call them SWAT or Military Police Tactical Unit (MPTU) or Military Police Specialised Response Unit. (MPSRU)

“erm the marines do it in real life so we have to do it”


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