RenaRenaRena - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - Unknown

RenaRenaRena - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - Unknown

What’s your BYOND key:


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Renie Huerta

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What are you reporting?:

Violation of Event Protocols

Description of the incident:

This was a long 4 hour LV round. I was just an SO. Research got greenos, and managed to make corrupted abominations.
From what I have been told, the round was not initially a pred round, and an admin enabled preds in response to the aboms being made. (If this information is false then just close the report, but a pred player on discord told me this)

I think this is extremely unfair. It’s one thing to enabled preds at the start of a round, perhaps to allow new pred players to play or test some new features or whatever. However it’s an entirely other thing to enable preds in response to marines making aboms just so the preds can go fuck up marines and kill the aboms. It’s unfair as you are punishing one side when they haven’t done anything wrong (corrupted aboms are an intentional feature, not a bug). It’s one thing when the game punishes one side for their actions, but for a staff member to decide on a whim they want to punish someone like that that is just not fair, and in my opinion is an abuse of staff powers. If researchers make aboms on a non-pred round, it should stay as a non-pred round. If staff want to run events involving preds they should do so neutrally, and not do so in response to player actions just to punish players for doing something cool.


Just check the logs, I’m not sure what evidence I’m supposed to be able to give.


Admins/Staff have discretion to run events, and these types of situations can be run on the fly. This is similar to sending in a “Dutch’s Dozen” ERT during pred rounds, the preds were spawned instead. Admins are allowed to make custom events in response to player actions, and enabling predators to hunt abominations created an event.

Your allegation is not a violation of event protocols.