Replace windup symbol w/ CPR symbol

When doing CPR there should be a CPR symbol instead of the regular windup- this way others could visually see that they would be interrupting CPR.


Everything could benefit from this really…

  • SADAR reload, a personal gripe. I have “reloading” as a macro because people will shuffle me and interrupt my long ass reload.

  • MP cuffing

  • Marine injecting/healing themself

  • Corpsman/doctor performing surgery/treating a patient

  • Xeno devouring

  • Xeno building

When you sprite it

Sure but CPR is different:

If both you & I walk up and CPR the same person the first person will do CPR. If we both keep doing CPR we will both interrupt the other’s CPR and no longer do CPR at all.

seems like a very nice QOL thing. Someone just has to do the sprite work. Not me do.

ngl “cuffing” would probably get MPs lynched even more (though I like that)