researchers can grow xeno eggs

i want to make that researchers can grow there own xeno eggs by adding mutagen and egg plasma to an eggplant cuz when ya get eggplasma and you want to make greenos you have to go throu a blood sucking part and thats kinda no fun and waste of blood

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My objections to greenos aside

You only need to make one greeno… then they can infect monkeys for free

but when they removed the spawn pool they were nerfted by it cuz they werent growing in size any more

the spawn pool removal was a xeno buff… it combined all the important xeno structures (egg morpher, spawn pool, hive core)… it does all the things that they did just as one tile

then explain why greenos are having like 2 to 3 of them when they are made


when you make a greeno drone it can evo into a queen… the queen can make eggs, from that they can grow as big as you let them (how many monkeys they are given). greenos don’t get the passive larva gain that the normal hive gets.
are you talking about how the normal hive starts with a dozen or so larva? cause that’s due to roundstart and the caps that xenos get before drop which doesn’t apply to greenos

but it takes around 20 mins to larva to burst and its probably enought time to xenos take over the dropship or the round to end

its 10 minutes and yes

and also when you are making the fist greeno that you probably used the eggplasma and it takes lot of blood and its kinda longer cuz you have to go throu the blood sucking proces and then waiting some minutes