Resin doors should have an "on fire" sprite, since the door itself hides the fire turf almost entirely

yes i know you can see fire at the very edges, but it’s not always obvious especially in the heat of battle, and a little indication that you’re walking into literal fire would help

if a whole sprite state is asking too much, then just let resin doors auto extinguish flame turfs


I mean, a simple fix would just be that the sprite level of fire is on top of the door. Then you don’t have to make an entirely new sprite.


That is actually a very good thing to fix.
Because as it stands, you could fill a flame trower with thermite, attach a fire ball nozzel, and set fire under every resin door. Making them invisibel traps against xenos wich lasts a long time.
…not that i would do that caugh caugh

But yeah, this shit broken.

Yeah this would be a good change.

it also fucks over marines though