Resin Membrane Buffs

what if it was harder than resin walls in exchange for being see through. Call it crystallized resin instead or something


I’d honestly say to just remove membrane walls honestly. Before the Boiler rework their main purpose was to grant both a level of safety and sight to boilers who could just camp behind them and spawn acid clouds willy-nilly. Now that Boilers (once again) spit a glob of acid that physically needs to travel to its destination, though, it’s impossible.

Xenos already see humans regardless of line of sight. The benefit gained by letting them get direct line of sight at the front is minimal, especially because it means Marines can see them just as well.


IIRC, their main purpose was when nested hosts popped faster when they could see other nested hosts.

I’m actually in favor of the ‘Crystallized Resin’ suggestion, as anybody who learned the ropes of Burrower the hard way can tell you that while you already see humans, you do not see

  • Barricades
  • Marking Flares
  • Mines
  • Sentry Guns
  • Stationary Guns
  • Whether or not this genius architect built this section of resin directly into a dead end or a two doors and is about to get you killed in the retreat.
  • Terrain/Weed Coverage
  • Xeno Structures

By no means would I describe membranes that aren’t tissue paper as GAME-CHANGING AND META-DEFINING, but in the most intricate and fortified of Xenomorph positions . . . it’s just plain easy to get lost, miss tunnels and recovery nodes, or simply walk directly into a turret’s line of fire or barricades you can do nothing about. A lot of Xeno play is narrow purpleish-black hallways and floors with no markings for where you are. I would appreciate the QOL.