Returning the old ranks

i mean it shouldnt be hard, im a bit tired of the ranks causing confusion due to authority and what not, i dont wanna go back to naval ranks in this, i just want QM and what not to be a higher rank again, perhaps naval ranks again if people are interested



I want to be a commodore again


I would like a mix of naval and marine ranks. some roles naval only, some roles marine only, some could be a mixer. But yeah as of now the rank structure is very meh.

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I had a PR up for returning the old marine ranks

If I get permission from Zonespace Iā€™d return it and naval ranks.

this seems to only be the marine roles, im talking about the ship as a whole >:D but it is nice to see someone else put in effort to try change some stuff! i do think the marines as LCPL could cause problems (if players can exploit something they will exploit something)