Reverse Chest Bursting Stories

Post your stories of you reverse chest bursting from those xeno scum!

I’ll go first:
Recently, I got a lesser drone to spit me out, at which point it took off to go heal. I started cutting through the hive back to the FOB, with the lesser drone now back and following me. I keep cutting and finally the lesser drone shows itself for a moment. It keeps watching from the shadows and but gets too close and my buckshot kills it. I keep cutting and eventually make it out, however, a sea of fire from some recent mortar is cutting off my escape, and I call out for help. Thankfully, synthetic Arby was there can came to rescue me. She came through another route and even though there was a warrior and I believe a defender, I managed to kill the distracted warrior and she covered my escape. She then carried me to the FOB doctor where I was treated and had my larva removed.

Thanks Arby!


Once as a survivor on Chance’s Claim our band moved a bit too slow and got ambushed at the western crashed drop ship. We were being picked off one by one fighting the swarm of T1s. I got tackled down and devoured by a drone I had injured a bit. The smart gunner who had found his gear shot the drone a couple more times and I was able to burst out after it walked two tiles. I popped out, grabbed my SMG and managed to kill a runner before me and the SG finally were killed.

I had another one as a squad leader. The queen had neurod me and a runner devoured me. Hive must have been further than he thought because I was able to burst out. I had lost my guns in the fight, but managed to find a M16, and yelled to my squad over coms that I managed to cut myself out. Que the whole squad rolling into the back lines and linking up with me.


Not really reverse chestburst, but some months ago, I think it was either big red or kutjevo, I got capped by some runner which then dragged me to a weeded part of the map, but not near the hive. As I stabbed them a good bit with the knife, they call a warrior to help them, unvore me and then try to vore me again. I get up for some time and use the totally not powergamey magharn HPR I kept on burst to fire wildly around, get pounced and tackled, wildly burst around again and so on until the runner is mowed down. Sadly, the warrior managed to cap me after that.

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Two stories.

Literal years ago (somewhere around 2017 to 2018) I was meandering around LV-624, as you do. I got into a fight with the Queen wherein she stunned and devoured me. Now, at this time damage from using your knife inside a xeno worked differently. So as the Queen charged several other Marines, my stun cleared in time to pull out either a knife or machete, and I near instantly killed the Queen from the inside since there was no click delay when resisting. Lo and behold as I emerge from the confines of the Queen in front of other Marines relativity unharmed.

Second story, and more recently. I was playing as a standard Corpsman on Solaris Ridge and ended up getting stunned and devoured by a Defender during a route from Bar. Fortnantly the Defender took the long route back to the hive and he wasforced to regurg me in south east caves. I whipped out my HPR (back when HPR was buyable from Medic Vendor) and gunned down the Defender and almost killed a runner who arrived.

At this point I took a massive detour from SE caves through filt, past engineering and some how I returned to the FOB alive. I even went on to survive till we evacuated then board the lifeboat alive.

Sadly this was just before I started to record my games, it was not a epic story but it was exciting.


Awesome story, especially the based queen reverse burst. What software do you use to record?

Nowadays I just use the windows recording function which is quite fine. (Just hit ‘Windows Key + G’ and start recording). It does tend to stop recording around 1.5 to 2 hours of footage but I can just start a new one.

If I find a clip I like I use ‘Da Vinci Resolve’ to edit the clip.

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Two stories from me too.

This isn’t exactly a reverse chest burst and isn’t from me exactly, but once, on Solaris Ridge, I was “patrolling” around the map as a Bravo medic (I was lost) and found a xeno tunnel near a building. I report the tunnel’s location and start to go back to FOB before seeing a drone rush past me screaming, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” in blue text. I just stand still, utterly confused at what I just, and start thinking that what I saw was a bug that caused a marine to appear as a xeno for whatever reason. I run over to check it out, and it turns out a Delta medic got capped a by the drone, and they screamed at me to kill it. However, being new at the time, I fumble with my gun and don’t even fire the gun before I nearly crit. Thankfully, I manage to get a buckshot PB in and the drone is instantly gibbed, and a Delta medic just pops out, thanks me, and walks away as if nothing happened. I later died that round to alcohol poisoning.

On Kutjevo Refinery, and again as a Bravo medic, I’m watching over the FOB with my squad, but as this was lowpop hours, there were nearly no engineers in our squad, so it was mostly uncaded. As such, a runner is able to break into the LZ and nab a FTL, because I was the only person around at the time, I ended up having to chase down the FTL myself. However, because I have shit aim and don’t want to set the FTL on fire, for 3 straight minutes, I run after the FTL, firing my shotgun wildly in the runner’s direction to no avail. The FTL even screams at me to just shoot the damn thing, to which I yelled in real life, “I’M TRYING DUDE OKAY!?” Eventually, the runner gives up and abandons the FTL, capping me instead. However, since we were far away from the hive, I managed to free myself. The runner tries to cap me, but then goes into crit as I set the runner on fire with a mini flamethrower. Since the runner managed to pull me into the flames, I decided to try to heal myself before finishing the runner off, but then a warrior comes from out of nowhere and just fucking kills me and saves the runner. Worse yet, I later come to the realization that the FTL died anyways after getting attacked on their way back to FOB. :frowning:


The first one is great lmao, especially since you were new.

Also yeah, I share the sentiment of trying to hit a runner, it can be really annoying

This story is an “almost reverse chest bursting story” but the little gamer who achieved got so close that I feel he deserves a mention whoever he was. We had just pushed marines out of the caves at Kutjevo south side past construction and CO and a few others got cut off by deovi’d queens charge and because I was a runner I started devouring one of the screeched marines who took a nade out upon standing up but didn’t move even though im pretty sure he could have, I didn’t make it 5 tiles before his nade went off inside me (i didnt even know that could happen) and it sent me flying into crit off weeds but luckily a warrior saw me and dragged me to weeds, the marine was also sadly crit and devour is so fucking busted broken that i healed before he was spat up.

honestly all professional runners ddos people they cap anyway so if you get reverse chest bursted its a skill issue

bait them with rest and then PB buckshot for max salt

Royal Facehugger (666) sitting in the open pipe next to you be like

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I got a couple of interesting stories to tell.

1-3 years ago I ghosted cause I died, and then I noticed a runner capping a marine[I forgot which profession, maybe medic?]. So I decided to follow the runner, little did I know I would witness the medic stab the xeno from the inside and actually kill it. Then the medic just walked back to the front, was very funny. This was on big red.

Now this is not really reverse chest bursting, but it was so unique I am posting this here.

Around the same year as previous story, I was a pfc and I got hugged. I went to medical and was put onto the surgery table, but I actually got chest burst right there. Now for context, I had the setting enabled that if you chest burst you will become the larva, so I became the larva. Sadly there where other marines around medical so they shot me dead. As a ghost I noticed that the doctor was still trying to fix me up, I was like, “Doc please I am already perma dead.” Little did I know, that I ACTUALLY SURVIVED, but since my ghost had no body I had to ask admins to put me back into my body since it was still playable. I took an evac shuttle afterwards cause the xenos had got onto the almayer.

Can’t put the video but

Being captured was part of the plan :smoking:

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I got disconnected once and when I reconnected I was inside a runner and when I tried escaping he actually ran back to marine lines, spat me out there and then ran off

I’m not sure if it counts as a reverse chest burst really