Revert the recent map changes to the fuel pumps.

So a few days ago, we lost the planet and I did what I always do when hijack starts. I ran to the pods just adjacent to the port-aft pump area. I ran north and noticed something was wrong. The emergency airlocks that I always pull down and weld had been moved north a few tiles so that a regular airlock would be behind them, giving xenos easier access to my favorite hold spot. So I placed a deployable cade behind the airlock, welded it and then ran south only to see something truly stupid. The southern line of emergency airlocks had been completely removed meaning that you need an engineer to defend the location.

Why bother doing this? There’s a maint tunnel literally right there south of the escape pods that they can use to circumvent the southern line, and the northern line has a big glob of maint to it’s east that any enterprising crusher can have down in less than a minute with marines having no location to defend from directly. This usually doesn’t happen, but that’s the fault of xenos being too lazy to call for T3 support to start punching holes in the walls that marines can’t even get an angle on. The whole point of the emergency airlocks is to give marines time to set shit up, but now that that’s gone, it’s added another few minutes of prep time needed that you don’t have.

I used to think the fuel pump system was crap designed merely to ensure that marines lose by forcing them to spread out to defend multiple shit locations that are designed to be easy to steamroll for the xenos. Then I started using the resources and tools we already had and had some fun rounds of holding out, and now those have been nerfed because the staff don’t expect xenos to earn their victories to maintain the winrate percentages. Now I’m back to my original position, the fuel pump system IS designed to be shit purely to ensure marine failure.

And frankly, it makes me want to ask, what is even the point of hijack? Every round I see the cyrosleepers announcing over general radio that medics, specialists, doctors, and comtechs leaving the round early because they just can’t be bothered to slog through this crap. No one enjoys it and now I don’t enjoy it either. If you expect marines to hold multiple locations after they’ve already gotten their asses kicked and have broken limbs and such because the doctors have to prioritize hugged marines, then you need to give us locations that are actually holdable without needing overwhelming numbers and resources.

TLDR - Xenos should lose when they’re lazy and marines should win when they’re using all their resources intelligently.


hijack sucks, let people skip it with a global vote or something


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My question is, why do you want to hold the fuel pumps for half an hour? You only need it to hold until you get 25% fuel and you can evac with lifeboats.

What, there are changes to lifeboats? Anyway you need to hold pumps for a really short time, as long as you don’t completely ignore the pumps (and xenos don’t go out of their way to rush pumps), it’s very easy and quick to get to 25%, after which you can launch lifeboats. Link the PR anyway

What? I can’t believe people think pumps are a nerf, when they’re literally the most OP spot to hold. You get 2 free gauss turrets to shoot the absolute SHIT out of everything, an open space (which you can open up even further with breach tools), and priority targets that force xenos to expose themselves.

You dont even need to hold multiple (holding multiple pumps is a noob trap unless on high pop, divide and conquer is the #1 xeno tactic) Just focus all your resources on one pump, and watch xenos throw their lifeless bodies at your impenetrable defences.

Boats is shit. CIC is shit. LE is shit. Memorial is shit. Pumps is bae.

if your talking about emergency airlock that’s probably my changes.
i removed or displaced a lot of them so that they are only on the edge of each areas.
emergency airlock primary function isn’t to be used as a defensive structure…

I mean Isn’t that kinda the purpose of an airlock to defend against fire/ space?

emergency airlock idea is seal an area.
if it’s not just send here a screenshot of it and i will fix it…

If they’re not meant as a defensive structure, then what are they meant for? They can be activated by a fire alarm if the area has power, but when was the last time the server had atmospheric fire or atmos itself? More than half a decade? I don’t mean to sound rude, but I legitimately don’t understand what you mean by “seal” an area from a gameplay/mechanic perspective when the roleplay reason for them to exist is no longer in the game. If I’m not meant to weld them shut and use them as a speed bump for xenos, why were we able to do that to begin with? And why not just remove our ability to use them as makeshift barricades rather than move them to less useful locations?

Honestly, i have a feeling they migth be mainly a remenence from the servers origins. Because with a working atmos system the firelocks/emergency airlocks, have absolutly a reason to exist. On any other server firelocks work the eaxct same way they work here.
Also, you didnt see an atmos fire for like, forever, because we dont have an atmos system anymore. I dont even know when they ditched it. And im for years here now.

But rigth now the firelocks are mainly just a flimsy defensive tool. One that in all honesty, killed more marines then anything. I saw too many times how groups of marines got trapped because one funny comtec sealed a pumps firelocks shut while being all alone on the pumps… and refusing to open up.
So im very happy no comtec can easily lock marines out of the pumps anymore.

yes please make hijack take longer

as NHC say it’s a legacy from atmo system, it’s only on almayer as far as i know.
when i say seal it’s because when activated it’s suppose to seal all access to an area.
so if an area isn’t properly sealed by them you can consider it a “bug” and i will fix it.

this areas seem sealed to me red is visible emergency arlock and blue those bellow window…
you can also weld the maintenance doors if you want to…

i might add you can only see areas using strong DMM

Sorry for the late reply. It’s not the pump areas themselves, but the upper escape pods near them. Like I said in the OP, the emergency firelocks at the stairwells were flat out removed.

Firelocks are a environmental decoration, with gameplay taped on.

probably because they where not on the limit between two areas.
i am not sure what to do about it.
i will probably take a second look one day…
i guess if you want to accelerate the change you could do it yourself.
or ask another contributor to do it.