Rifleman Incentive Program (R.I.P.)

The Pitch:
Due to the heavy mechanical focus of the game, RP typically falls by the wayside. It can be pretty hard to encourage fellow players to follow along with RP hooks or prompts as well, since typically the more time you spend expressing your character means less time shining your loadout or tabbing-out for twenty minutes on the Alamo.

Hopefully, the Rifleman Incentive Program (R.I.P.) could help with this. In theory, it is a requisitions dumbwaiter disconnected from the main system, and loaded with 4,000 dollars. Similarly to the armories across the Almayer with their desirable MK1s and 221s: this is not something to be handed-out lightly, and is meant to incentivize round-start involvement and engagement. The XO or above (and perhaps MPs!) will be able to select a marine to have access to the terminal after completing a pre-determined task, and to spend their allowance as they wish.

Why It’s Good For The Game:
The primary motivation for this idea was the amount of negative reinforcement in CM

  • MPs
  • BEs
  • Late Deployments
  • Missing first drop
  • Waking up too late to get your desired role or equipment.
    in addition to the fact that there’s the dual issues of having no serious way to impact your chance of getting Specialist or Smartgunner versus someone who’s going to take the kit, not use their microphone the entire game, and die in the caves after somehow using literally all of their ammo by the hour mark . . . and that some people just plainly don’t want the responsibility that comes with performing a higher rank.

Therefore, why not a small addition that acts as a positive incentive, a roleplay promoter, and as more control over getting some special equipment than rolling for spec/SG?

These rewards are meant to be the prize for engaging in RP. Many other command players may be familiar with the sentiment of trying to get the marines involved in some sort of competition, exercise, micro-event, or even their own CO gimmick, and the only way they can reward participants is with . . . a medal two hours from now? Jones, maybe? One of the restricted weapons not supposed to leave a safe in CIC or the captain’s office unless the ship is on fire? Well now, it’s something that any marine can tailor-fit to their role and needs in that round!

I anticipate a concern over balance, but I chose the 4,000 dollar budget intentionally: anything you can buy with that amount of budget is too much for any one marine to use by themselves . . . but too much for a squad to benefit from. You could buy 6 HEDP, but not 25. Two HPRs, but not an M56D. A pizza crate, but not a mortar. Rather than simply rewarding one marine, I could see this as an excellent opportunity for the winner of a ship-wide boxing match to earn some metal or turrets for the FOB, or to butter-up the spec they’re spotting for, or to share one of the fun restricted weapons (which typically come in crates of two) with a comrade for a unique bit of gameplay they usually wouldn’t get without blowing vendor points or begging their SL.

To reiterate: This is a privilege to riflemen to reward them for engaging above the typical NPC-style expectations of them, and will hopefully be held to the same expectations as the CL’s briefcase or the special weapons locked around CIC that the contents won’t just get passed around like candy. Now, command can experiment more with involving marines in pre-drop events like church services, sports competitions, helping-out medical or req, and at least have something to interest marines to participate.

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Yes, please.


mfers will do anything but let RP be player driven
people don’t need major incentives to RP, they don’t need somebody to hand them out candy for doing so. this whole idea itself is based on staff picking and choosing which players RP the best, and will be an even worse negative reinforcement that if you “”“RP”“” you will be hand picked by staff and rewarded.


I agree. No handholding. Let things develop organically.


Agreed, this guy is constantly suggesting ‘RP ideas’ which have major in-game bonuses along with them. RP should stay RP.


Colonial Marines has minimal down time. Everyone is rushing because there’s at least minor benefits to it. You rush to get the attachments you want, you rush to get the Req gear you want, you rush to get groundside before survivors die and the hive builds up. I’m a HRPer who’s all-for player driven RP: but CM’s a highway and the last time I slowed to read a bumper sticker, I missed my exit.

If I try to arrange a basketball game, then I am asking marines to stop polishing their loadouts, to stop alt-tabbing on the Alamo, and to come strip their armor off and do something not essential to the mission. In some ways, it’s not dissimilar to removing someone from the round for 5-10 minutes because an MP has a quota and you had a gun in your hand.

The R.I.P. could serve as one of the few tangible, positive bits of reinforcement on the server. The rewards aren’t extreme: $4000 isn’t enough to bring a new smartgunner or specialist into the round. By going above-and-beyond, someone could earn a prize typically hard to achieve in the normal game, and have something to hold onto for the rest of the game with pride!

Gonna agree with chief here. Forcing rp doesn’t work, look at the first contact rule. Didn’t really work, people ignored it after five minutes, and it felt too forced.

My best rp interactions have just been from it happening on the spot

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First Contact RP failed because of the dissonance of having to roleplay the exact same scenario every round despite gaining more experience with the threat every single round, and the mechanical disconnect of the Charger that the wiki calls a Charger and the examine text calls a Charger . . . being a ‘Rhino’.

Not only is the R.I.P. not mandatory - you don’t have to play along with Command/Staff’s open mic night gimmick before briefing - but those who do want to engage with that content and other players can receive a gift that varies each round, and they may tailor to their needs.

In other words, it’s only a positive for people who would like to RP, and doesn’t affect those who don’t. Sounds pretty ideal to me.

It’d be a good to link this to awards from current round to use next round so you know it’s coming and can actually spend it at round start and not when everyone evacs and there’s only 4 marines and the ship crew to spend it with.

If it’s people that want to RP you’re trying to attract with this, then why do you need an in-game reason for them to do so…? Really contradicting yourself here

There really should be a set minimum time between losing the DS to xenos hijack, and the thing departing to the ALMAYER. Very very rarely is there actually any proper time between the two to allow for memorials and more RP.

It’s simply, marines get back from having their arses kicked, oh the DS just left groundside without command, oh there’s xenos on it, oh god it’s coming up. There’s no breather. And then the xenos get rewarded with unlimited larva spawning while leaving no time for marines to even prepare for it.

I believe that in order to allow for a greater amount of time before deployment which gives room for RP, so that the xenos are not made to wait (if they killed all the survivors already) and so that the survivors are not made to miss out on account of dying so early on in a round without being recoverable, if a survivor dies they should be able to respawn as a marine. In this way, it would encourage more people to play survivor.


with the new Alamo anti CAS/OB roofing that’d be real good to have even a 10 min timer before they can jack to give more incentive to ovi on the Alamo and Humans to get threw medical and have some RP.

Also awards can be given out on both sides in this time.