Rigaho - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Moonshanks

Rigaho - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Moonshanks

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Leonis Regulus

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

To be clear, I just want it known nobody was EORGing, we were attacking a metal wall and then proceeded to attack a rock wall.

Round ended. A bunch of us marines went south looking for whatever was left around. We found a pod lock / metal wall. We all shot and flamed and exploded the all and it broke. Everyone went deeper and kept shooting and I threw a grenade at the wall, the marine next to me was using an actual grenade launcher on the same wall. There was quite a few of us all pushing south together, I’m unsure if I’m the only one who was temporarily banned, if I am there’s others throwing gernades and doing the same actions as me, we were even communicating in the chat and working together to destroy the walls.

I was banned after throwing another gernade, it simply states “EORG is banned” and to go to the forum if it’s an error.

It’s only 180 minutes it is not a big deal.

But an EORG note if it’s a permanent note, is not exactly accurate. Nobody who was with us, was EORGing each other.

Yan Kaminiski, John Rock, Emma Faith, Carl Hall and whoever else were all in the area performing the same actions on the wall. Trying to “mine” and whatever else is logged in the game.


Just screenshots that we were attacking the walls as a team, and I wasn’t the only one trying to break them down.

Heya! I’ll be resolving this since it seems like a pretty open and shut report. (TTS is also on holiday so this way the report gets handled relatively quickly)

Just looking at the logs myself really quickly you were blowing up grenades and those grenades did catch other people in the blast.

Aug 17, 2023 @ 22:55:35.555 ATTACK: Rigaho/(Leonis Regulus) blew up (Yan Kaminski) with a M40 HEDP grenade in the Far-Southern Jungle
Aug 17, 2023 @ 22:55:35.510 ATTACK:Rigaho/(Leonis Regulus) blew up (Joan Jay) with a M40 HEDP grenade in the Far-Southern Jungle

That means that you were generating Friendly-Fire logs post-roundend without any xenos around and thats usually enough to justify the EORG ban.
So since thats the case I’ll be denying this report and no action will be taken against Moonshanks.

I get that you guys were messing around with the walls and hitting each other on accident but we dont really want people shooting/exploding stuff that risks friendly fire just because the round is over.
Marines are stupid but not “tossing danger close grenades once combat is over” stupid. Especially if you’re just doing it since you’re curious what’s behind a wall.

Also just to ease your mind a little bit. EORG bans aren’t taken into account for escalation or anything like that. If you’re getting like 10 EORG bans in a week staff might start taking issue but if you dont get an excessive amount of EORG bans they will just be totally ignored when it comes to note history.

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