Role Engagement

At what point in playing a new role is when you can confidently say, “I play as blank”? For example, I feel like I can claim that I play a role when I either do something meaningful that contributes to a round or something very noticeable in a round. Like an SO or XO having a good or bad OB. As an engineer building a whole new part of the ship, or as a squad leader getting your squad ambushed or having a successful push. What is a “yeah I play this role” moment that defined a role for you?

Literally just ask yourself, “Do I enjoy this role, and would I like to play it again on a regular basis?” You don’t really need to do anything else. Heck, you don’t even need to be good.


“I am able AND willing to entertain myself and not afk while staring off a FOB cadeline by bantering over comms or with the PVT next to me, and I will volunteer to relieve the entirety of Alpha/Charlie assigned to comms by myself” - I am Bravo ROFLman/Engineer.

“I am able AND willing to do nothing but scrapping maints, answering Tech requests, hauling crates, reloading OBs, and feeding req various supply items in maints.” - I am a MT/CE.

Really what made it for me was when other players lauded me for being able and willing to do these things even though I was comfortable doing it without recognition. None of the things I listed above are glamorous, glorious, what most would consider “fun”, but they are necessary and I find enjoyment in enabling others to do what they find “fun”. Someone has to do it, and since I don’t mind it I might as well so others may do what they enjoy.