Role Icons for Forecon

Hey All,

Small suggestion for a bit of quality of life for Forecon, role icons. As it stands I do not believe Forecon has role icons such as SL, Engie, Spec, CO, ect. Strong chance I am just a Baldie and don’t realize how to turn them on. It would be nice to have role icons so that other marines know who you are once we rejoin the ground war. As of right now merging into the marine force is kind of a pain. The command staff does an excellent job with gear access and squad set up, but Forecon appearing role wise as riflemen is rough, especially for the support tech.

Not sure if this is something you’d want to give all survivors as I assume they are supposed to evac, while Forecon are marines.

Edit: Turns out Forecon has an “e” in it.


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I’d be down for this, I just think the FORECON headsets (which give you squad icons) aren’t USCM ones. They’re FORECON ones which lack USCM functions and faction tag to prevent survivors getting comms up and just talking with the Almayer. I could be wrong about this so feel free to correct me

On that headset thing, maybe have the headsets only have a special forecon channel not accessible to anyone else, but still showing icons and so? Also, how are the headsets the USCMC issues to it’s force recon marines not USCMC headsets?

The headsets FORECON spawn with are marine raider headsets (SOF/MARSOC). The headsets only hold the SOF and colony channels in them, making them unable to contact any other channel from the almayer.

They’ve got the faction tag, just not encryption keys for almayer channels.