RP focused Role idea: Hostile listening post

New RP focused role: Hostile listening post grunt


This was inspired by the roles on the Syndicate base in Lavaland on TG in which a trio of syndicate agents just sort of did their own thing and spied on the station (They could also infiltrate the station’s comms on TG, but that won’t be done here).

In summary, a small (3-4 people) group of people from one of the antag factions (CLF or UPP maybe?) are in a base separated from the rest of the map (or they could be added to the new ERT stations that are being worked on in a recent PR) and have access to security cameras on the ship and ground along with the helmet cams of the marines and can listen in on every comms channel.

However, they have no way of interacting with the crew of the Almayer, the marines or anyone else in the round in any way, they cannot affect or communicate with the crew in any way; they are for all accounts and purposes; insulated from everything that happens and are in turn unable to affect the flow of the round in any way, no matter how minute.

There should also be some stuff like drink/booze dispensers, basic medical supplies, hydroponics trays and cooking appliances, bathrooms, etc; to make the place feel like it’s an outpost for a small crew to stay in.

So what would be the point of this? RP; the players would be able to comment with each other on the goings on during the round, discuss the strategies employed by the marines, the triumphs and shortcomings, the shenanigans that occur during the round, all of which can be discussed in an IC manner.

Maybe one of them would serve drinks so they can each share a pint as they watch an SO OB a FOB and laugh at it? Maybe they could share some meatbread as they watch the SADAR launch a WP rocket at a group of marines during a push? Or maybe they could pass around some cigarettes as they watch the researchers get arrested after they made greenos without authorization for the umpteenth time? In short: it’s just vibes and the usual commentary you’d see in dchat but in a purely IC manner with RP being the focus.


Does it feel good to use?

To my knowledge, this role was enjoyed by people on servers that had lavaland roles and the crew of the Syndicate base could really get cozy, vibe and do their own thing as the round progressed and anyone who’d take this role would have no expectation of doing combat anyway so yes I assume it would feel good to play as this role, especially if there are others to vibe with.

Does it feel good to play against?

You aren’t playing against anyone, you’re just RPing with a few people while watching a round go on.

Does it affect other systems?

None at all.


Does it increase immersion?

Yes, it allows people to comment on the stuff going on in a round in an IC manner while also allowing people to tend to their character’s needs and just chill with others.

Does it increase communication/interaction between players?

Yes, anyone who takes this role would only really be able to interact with the other players in this role and considering how commentary can bounce off and grow as people discuss stuff it would encourage people to make observations and comment on said observations, all of which would be In Character. Because there are no stakes involved and because they can’t affect the round in any way, they can just chill and talk things out with each other. (Have you ever seen a group of people watching a live news feed and commenting on it? Will imagine that but IC with stuff going on in a round)


Does it fit in the CM universe aesthetically?

I don’t see why not, it’s just people spying on the Almayer.

Does it fit the lore of CM?

Yes, hostile factions have a vested interest on spying on the dealings of the USCM.

Does it make sense “realistically”?

Yes, it would make sense for a group that is hostile to another to want to listen in on the comms of their enemy and surveil their actions, and the average person doing the surveillance would want to commentate on it and discuss it with their co-workers.


Sounds terrific! It’d be a nice way to potentially familiarize yourself with the other factions and some of their gear instead of THE ALMAYER IS UNDER ATTACK: ATTACK IT HARDER FOR THE FOUR MINUTES YOU HAVE TO LIVE BEFORE THE HIVE REALIZES YOU’RE THERE, and a good way to stretch your legs out away from some of the responsibilities of the ship.

I’d also say that perhaps having a fax machine’d be a good idea. It would give them some way to reach out to the admins motherland/cell, potentially sway the CL to pass some info along, or to - within reason - harass or extort command staff.

My only worry is that this’d get hit with the “we want you playing marine/xeno and contributing to the round” concern some staff float around, and that it would be a drain on low-pop perhaps better suited for higher-pop rounds.

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As someone who used to love Syndicate Comms Agent on TG, I endorse this. No harm done and it benefits RP and general knowledge of the other IC factions of the Aliensverse.

Fax Admins: Yes
Fax ANYONE else: No

I don’t want people to be receiving fabricated, false faxes that might cause situations in which people get job-banned because they obviously ‘did something unprovoked’. Can’t do it as they do in TG, because on CM even things like “give the MPs false intel” or “Give the MPs a false arrest warrant” could result in the arresting MP getting job-banned for going through with that.

I feel this is easily solvable with giving them exclusively terrorist and enemy-state themed stationary.


High Command Here:
Please set the Almayer to Self-Destruct
General Yuri Americanov

Sounds like something I’d main, but I kinda doubt it’ll get added because of it not interacting with the rest of the round

There are UPP and CLF stations in database. they are perfect for this purpose.

This is an idea that I would be interested in. I don’t think the argument of “people should be contributing to the round instead” has incredible merit when this is a role that’d likely have maybe 4 people at the most, on a server that regularly brushes 200 pop.

However, I would want this to be a % chance spawn (doesn’t have to be low), so it doesn’t get stale fast.

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Wdym exactly

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I’m starting work on it just to test out some stuff to see if it’s feasible, maybe I can use the code that spawns UPP survs on trijent to get that % chance for this to spawn too.

This wouldn’t really be a problem, because 99 percent of Staff Faxes use HTML formats and such, but yeah

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There are papers that come pre-formatted with the USCM or W-Y logo printed into the top.

I feel that the easiest possible way to prevent people from trying to fax as high command (despite the fact that its pretty easy to spot/factcheck fake faxes) is to simply make sure that available paper has a great big UPP/CLF seal at the top. Problem solved.

i mean observer is already an option where you can BS with other players and not impact a round - why not just play your character in ghost/observer mode?

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I think this is a very cool idea. One minor suggestion would be to make this role similar to the spawners on other SS13 servers, in that it’s a role available for the dead to access. I think doing so would offer dead survivors who may otherwise have to sit out for 2-3 hours an opportunity to continue to participate in the game, even if not necessarily directly intervening in the fighting.

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