RTO Headset / Visor

I think to make RTO more unique we should add some items for their kit.

A unique RTO only headset that covers both ears and eyes could allow the RTO to quickly obtain coords and lase targets.

Something similar to what they use for JTAC. Albeit with some added functionality and sprite to show the headset and mic as well as the eye piece.


Solid idea. Hopefully someone will code it.

Thwomper sprites when

Could have it link to a radio backpack to display IFF signatures, or send radio messages when comms are down without manually calling

I missed adding that functionally i think it should have a laser designator integrated into it. Its not powergamey, frees up a slot, and is limited to a very niche role on the ground.

I dunno, i think RTO needs some other stuff to helpnit stand out.