Run And Gun Evac Suggestion

TL;DR - Turn evac into a Marine run and gun scenario where they have to group up and run around the ship to fuel the lifeboats.

Scattered around the ship are six (or even more) refuel objectives locations akin to the new systems in the ‘hijack objectives’ PR.

A maximum of 4 of these objectives are picked randomly, each must be activated and defended for several minutes in sequential order (3 to 5 minutes for example). Only one objective is unlocked at a time, each subsequent objective’s location is given to marines when the previous one is completed, ergo marines will only know the location of 1 objective at a time.

In order for a objective to be activated, its room APC must be repaired and the objective itself must be interacted with by a Marine. The activation can be stopped if either the APC is disabled or the objective is interacted with by any xenomorph (or human for hostile ERT).

The lifeboats can be launched by someone with command authority at any time. The lifeboat starts with 100% guaranteed chance to fail if launched when evacuation is called, however each objective that is armed will decease the failure chance by 25%. This creates a system where Marines can chose between risking a early launch if they have only finished some objectives versus risking finishing more to gain a better success chance.

The lifeboats can still be locked down by a Queen, so the Marines still need to defend the lifeboats while fixing objectives.

My belief is this system will make evacuation a more engaging experience for all parties as it forces the Marines to rush across the breadth of the Almayer, set up adhoc defences and repair objectives, while it makes the scenario more interesting for aliens who have more areas they get to fight in.

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I think the main issue is during evac their is a lack of marines since they are usually all dead or being hunted groundside. This is basically playing surv but it goes from hard to near impossible since not only are you running from place to place avoiding xenos you will have to go through weeds and resin walls and doors while being hunted by the queen.

I dont think this is a bad idea but it needs fine tuning and if it dosen’t work then im going to cryo during hijack since it would be way too hard imo. I hope i conveyed my opinion correctly.

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Edit: Having done the new evac with comrade sentries posted at the locations of importance and the APCs not being dead on crash has made it much more easier for obvious reasons. With an actual defence and a synth who basically sacrifices themselves for the greater good makes it very reasonable to get the evac on time. That is if there is a synth (even a Working Joe can go fix them I believe).

Of course this still retains the issue of if there aren’t enough marines/metal to keep defenses up we are basically boned but a better iteration compared to the original which was basically very hard to impossible.

Original:Having now gone through this, it’s basically a loose more situation. Marines on hijack generally tend to have lost too many to be able to reasonably be able to keep these objectives up and are way too frail to be able to get to and from these rooms (let alone back to the lifeboat which much likely be sieged by the time they get back, so sacrifices/RNG Escape pod wooo), esp. since xenos tend to land on upper mid.

The only time i’ve seen it being kept up was because a Working Joe went around repairing it while xenos were not bothering with the OBJs at all since we were doing a req holdout. Which means that the fuel pump objs were pointless to begin with in this scenario.

Doesn’t help that half of the APCs on the Almayer straight up die upon crash making it even more unlikely depending on RNG.