S5nt - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - S5nt

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Moshe Navon, DAY as xeno

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Predator, withdrawn for lack of community support - S5nt - Yautja Application - #6
Predator, accepted - S5nt - Yautja Application - #10

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Elizabeth’s line of synthetics, a small USCM test run line, was built to mesh into squads as efficiently as possible, purpose built for USCM field work. This means that the way they’ll act in any given scenario depends on who they’re talking to and what Elizabeth determines they prefer, professionalism or a more friendly nature to a far greater extent than a synthetic not of this line.
Their core personality however leans toward the more professional side and a little bit reluctant to open up out of nowhere unless prompted due to not wanting to say anything that could upset the other person as their job is to be as likable as possible to as many USCM as they can. Though, if you get to know her and she gets to know you, she quickly becomes very friendly, if that’s what she thinks you want of course. Putting her outside of her job however, a good descriptor could be ‘outdoorsy’, she’s very interested in survivalism, camping, hiking, and all other manners of outdoors activity, and can talk about it for hours if asked. This is part of the reason why they tend to be optimistic in most cases, as such is a favorable trait among outdoorsy people. They’re also prone to engage in small talk when doing menial tasks with someone else, such as if they had to perform surgery, they’d probably ask the patient how their day is going, though she’s not exactly the best at small talk.

This is a trimmed down answer that doesn’t cover their entire backstory, but it is an alright summation.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

When talking to an enlisted member, especially a member of their squad, their main goal is to endear themselves to them so that they can perform more effectively by their side. This means mimicking their personality or a personality that meshes well with them, even if it means foregoing normal military practice such as addressing people by their last name, which just means if they notice all the members of a squad address one another by their first name and they feel as though they are able to do so as well as far as social constraints go, they will. However this does not stretch into the realm of violating ML or standard UA programming guidelines, so while they will engage in banter they will never outright insult a human, as such would violate said guidelines. When talking to an officer, their program dictates that they automatically assume the more professional, formal, and stern persona, though this is also subject to change based on how the officer acts towards them, as some officers feel more comfortable being more casual with others in a military context, and Elizabeth’s line is built to accommodate this.
Things that they would talk about to others would also vary on rank, with an enlisted they might talk about common things such as the latest releases of media, day to day life, or personal things such as how they go to the gym, an activity Elizabeth specifically performs to endear themselves to the humans they work with and to seem more relatable. Also, and especially only with enlisted, they may (to a minor degree) rag on officers, notably without directly naming any, simply to, again, seem more relatable. The inverse of this is when talking to officers they may talk about how enlisted don’t always follow orders or act in their own well being despite what an officer asks of them. They also might discuss strategy if prompted by an officer, though they won’t suggest strategies to be used in practice in an operation on a strategic scale especially to avoid endangering marines if such would go poorly. When talking to MP, they might talk about how the marines don’t behave and need a firm hand to keep them in line, though this tends to conflict with their main goal of being liked by everyone as MP are, to be honest, usually the most hated presence on a USCM ship, especially the Almayer. When speaking to another synthetic, their default will be a sort of middle of the road between how they speak to officers and enlisted, however they are programmed to morph their personality to be more amicable to the other synthetic as well. Their interests as discussed briefly above include the things the common marine is interested in along with going to the gym and due to their programming, an interest which has often been teased, camping. If you gave Elizabeth a weekend to do whatever she’d like, she’d probably go camping in an extreme location to try and test herself, such as on a mountain, taiga, or desert. This is accompanied by hunting for meat, something she does with throwing knives that she always carries, essentially turned into a short range rifle just due to the sheer speed and accuracy she can throw the knives at due to her mechanical nature.
If she was to be advertised, despite being a USCM built synthetic that doesn’t really need advertisement, a fitting line could be “Elizabeth, a synthetic for the modern military.”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

Since I’ve discovered support roles in CM it’s been my main interest and focus. It brings me a lot more enjoyment from the game to revive or heal somebody, or see people using my cades, and the best is when they make a comment like “Damn that surgery was really fast”, “This FOB is really good”, or even just “thanks doc”. Support roles are where I really get to exercise my brain the most I feel, as I’m a really technical player and like to find the most efficient ways to do stuff, which has so far been best applied to roles like medic and comtech, whether it be revival procedure or cade theory, which I’ll expand upon in their relevant sections later. That being said, playing support roles is tied in first with my most enjoyed experiences in CM, and the thing it shares that spot with is RP. Even if I’ve had a shit round where I’ve died over and over and not gotten much done, just a short but genuine RP interaction with another person makes it into a great round and one that’s really memorable, and I feel RP is something that I can do a lot more of as synthetic, and though I know that a lot of the time synths don’t have time for RP due to performing their duties as support bot 9000, the personality I created for my synth was one I made specifically so I could do as much as possible with it in an RP sense. Additionally, I can uphold the synthetic guidelines and regulations to a satisfactory degree and the RP standards while performing my duties as a support role. Throughout my time on the server, I haven’t gotten any notes or administrative action taken at all, only a couple bwoinks now and then for misunderstandings, apart from one time which I’m not sure if the admin decided to not note me because it was so minor or forgot, which I’d hope displays my ability to adhere to rules at least to some degree, acknowledging that synthetic guidelines are far more encompassing than server rules and even minor violations are things that can’t just be brushed off and must be addressed with corrective action.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

I’ve had a lot of memorable interactions with synthetics, partly because I go out of my way to RP when I know that the other person will be responsive and not just go “ok” or something like that, which synths are since they’re pretty much the HRP WL. The ones that stand out are the times I’ve snuck out on the backlines of maps as scout, particularly solaris and LV and, with a synth in my thermal tarp, we go and get the sensor tower up, which I’ve done with a couple. One particular time that stands out is when I did it with Day on Solaris due to the sensor tower being entirely out of the way for everyone else as it was a mining caves hive. I got to do some really enjoyable RP while we were there, such as talking about the storytelling dead people nested into the lambda walls, why Day was deployed on the colony, and other stuff.
Another time was when I was a xeno and we had killed all the survs and only the synthvivor, Liliya, survived. Since she didn’t start attacking us or running off without saying anything, me and another xeno got to talk to them for a while though the other xeno left rather quickly, and I got to ask her about things like “Why do the talls come to attack us?” and how humans differ from xenos in a philosophical sense, as well as explaining how the hive worked a bit to her, all with the queen’s permission of course, who she eventually got to meet. I did this with Day once as well though I was the queen, and it was pretty fun to be able to do proper RP as xeno which is a rarity.

Synthetic Character Story:



I feel very confident in my abilities as comtech, especially when it comes to the two main tasks a synth may be assigned to in this regard, which is comms and FOBs. I can repair a fully damaged APC very quickly as I’ve memorized all the steps, as well as getting power up and on some maps that allow it, floodlights. My take on FOB design is I try to maximize mobility for marines, so that they can take advantage of weak parts in xeno lines easily and also retreat if pushed as well. This includes putting folding cades on corners, keeping folding cades in line, and other things. I try to maximize the strength of a FOB within the least possible space, which means I often utilize compartmentalization which requires xenos to breach 2 cadelines to fully occupy a space where only one breach might be required otherwise, and the designs I like to implement also turn this newly breached area into a killzone with lanes of fire at every possible angle, without making it vulnerable to boilers by maintaining proper spacing. I’m a believer that there is no one perfect cade design for all situations. Every design will have strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes you’ve just got to build a cade that’s not going to be that effective, however I feel confident in my ability to build cades with the most number of strengths and the least number of weaknesses. I also have some experience with OT, being able to rush cyclonite maxcaps and have bagfuls ready by drop while having octogen being made in the freezer at the same time.


I have a couple hours on SO and around 20 on XO, I am able to use all of the machines in the CIC efficiently and I know where everything is, which means I know how to use swipers, issue Almayer announcements rather than marine announcements, edit tacmaps, fire supply drops, change security level, and so on.


Medical is without a doubt my strongest quality, and I consider myself a corpsman main. This is one of the roles where me being a technical player excels, as I’ve thought a lot about the objective fastest way to get a marine back on their feet and into the fight, my current strategy be to defib with revival mix as soon as physically possible so that meds that I’ve pilled them with during revival start metabolizing as quick as possible, which decreases the overall required time to heal somebody back to full health. I’ve dealt with mascas countless times, and have healed max damage people who are redlining countless times as well, and am confident in my ability to do both, which includes triaging and quickly instructing marines to CPR a patient, and asking for help from other medics to suture or defib heal. This involves knowing more niche healing strats, such as taking advantage of body temp on max burn damage patients to heal them to a revivable state in like under 60 seconds by spam kitting. I also recognize when somebody is unsaveable or when I don’t have the means to save them, such as if they’re redlining with high damage at the same time as a spec is doing the same, I’ll simply have to prioritize the spec over the normal rifleman as they are a more valuable asset, and one that can’t be replaced. I know how to recognize things that aren’t indicated by the health scanner overtly such as organ damage being indicated by oxygen damage or toxin damage despite no obvious current or previous overdose to be a symptom of things like liver damage or a tail swing from a boiler, as well as knowing the effects of all common overdoses by heart which makes it so I know to pre administer a patient who’s ODed on oxycodone with peridaxon to prevent them dying of toxin damage due to a broken liver, something I’ve had to do a couple times. I’ve been observed in the medic role twice so far, once by HIDGamer, and the other time by Taterthetank, and both found my medic gameplay to be satisfactory and to the standards of the synthetic whitelist. In terms of shipside medicine and surgery, I’ve memorized all surgeries and can perform them at a rapid rate, with my technical focus again coming into play, as when doing surgery I perform it on multiple limbs at a time to save time, such as if they have a broken chest and arm, I’ll do each step of the surgery on both at the same time. I also skip the bleeder clamp step as the blood loss during surgery, especially when done fast, is minimal. Additionally, I am experienced in surgery with improvised tools such as glass shards and lighters, and I have knowledge of which surfaces can be used as improvised surgical beds too such as window frames. I can do chemline quickly, having the common mixes such as IA, MB, and KD down by heart, the only thing stopping me from having chemline completely handled for the rest of the game 20 minutes into the round being chem machine energy and custom requests. Additionally I’ve recently begin experimenting as CMO with the mediclathe, making custom reagent tanks available to marines by swapping their syringes with normal autoinjectors and filling them with unga and then giving it to an IO or spec, or making EZ injectors filled with the same stuff. I’m also alright with research, having been taught it by a plat researcher and now being able to (perhaps not quickly) make stims or even greenos, though that’s questionable when it comes to how they interact with synthetic guidelines. Finally, I also know how to build medibots, which I do as doctor or corpsman before drop sometimes, usually accompanied by me telling the shipside synth to come to medbay as I’ve “found their cousin”.


To be honest, req is my least enjoyed support role. I am confident in my ability to quickly handle reqline, being familiar with the requisition machines and all the various abbreviations for stuff people might request, having handled highpop req lines solo a fair amount of times. I also am confident in knowing what to order and when, such as ordering materials for FOB on round start, knowing where I can get free boxes of flashlights, MREs, flares, and knowing to send down the SG ammo that somebody will forget from their prep, along with the stuff that comes mid round due to late join milestones. I’ve soloed req a couple times and it’s not very difficult for me, though it does get a bit dull. Overall however, I wouldn’t be applying for synthetic if I didn’t feel my abilities at requisitions did not meet the standards required by synthetic WL holders.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

As stated in the guidelines, synths follow the motto of ‘Seeking peace, but prepared for war’. To this end, I would only perform combat in the situation it would not endanger my own wellbeing to the point where it would violate rule 6 of self-preservation, and additionally only provide combat in the means of a support role, of which some examples I’ll list below. Lastly, I’d also just say now that I wouldn’t be engaging in frontline combat at all. Though it is justifiable in certain circumstances, I feel the risk of infraction along with my general distaste for toeing the line compels me to not do it flat out, as well as that I don’t think it’s an activity befitting my personal synthetic’s character.

I would engage in combat with a xeno which was attempting to drag away or attack somebody who I had just revived, except if it was a threat I can’t reasonably kill, such as a T3 or some T2s, in which case I’d simply fireman carry the marine to a safe location, attempting to save their armor and gun as well. Notably, I would only engage in combat to get the xeno to leave the marine alone, and once they did so I’d bring the marine to friendly lines for safer treatment.

I would not engage in opportunity based combat, such as if I saw a very damaged rav running back into the hive, I wouldn’t follow it through a hive door into its teammates in an attempt to melee it to death, or chase an injured runner or lurker into the backlines, as such would be needlessly dangerous and doesn’t fit my core goal of being a support role, as well as violating frontline programming.

I would engage in combat if for example an already injured defender was running away on fire while not being near other xenos during hijack, this is an example where I would chase to a reasonable degree to attempt to secure the kill as delta alert would be in effect which loosens combat restrictions, however I wouldn’t pursue this kill if doing so would neglect my support duties, such as ignoring revivable or crit marines, or a cade breach that is an imminent and important threat that must be addressed.

I would not attempt to engage in combat to run back into a formerly marine position that was now overrun with xenos to secure the body of a marine, as running into a bunch of xenos to get a single body with only whatever melee I have to ward them off is a bad idea, and to be frank the usefulness of a synthetic is more than a single dead rifleman, and self preservation should be adhered to.

I would engage in combat to defend myself if I was alone, such as traveling from FOB to the front, which means I’d defend myself if attacked by a backliner to the point of getting them to leave me alone, and after they did leave me alone I’d continue to the front without chasing the backliner, as my goal is just to get them to go away. I’d strike them only when they got close to me, and I’d make sure I’m continuing to my destination as I did so to make them less willing to chase, unless there was a very big threat to my imminent self preservation such as getting ganged up on by xenos, in which case I’d just run to the nearest marines or cadeline.

Human examples;

I would engage in combat with the intent to kill if necessary if I was cornered by a member of a hostile faction (Hostile UPP or hostile CLF) and they displayed an intent to kill me. I would however, if possible, try to make sure they didn’t die once in crit, and if that wasn’t possible due to maybe another marines intervention as I know how to keep somebody in crit with medical if needed, needed, ensure that they were revived and placed in MP or any form of USCM affiliated law enforcement custody.

I would not engage in harmful combat with a marine who was actively and maliciously harming other marines or myself. Instead, I would disarm them and subdue them with an aggressive grab, then confiscate their weapon.

I would engage in combat with the intent to kill if a hostile CLF survivor was attempting to grenade marines, especially in an enclosed space. If I made a single mistake and they were able to get up and prime a grenade, it could result in marine deaths, and as such I wouldn’t take the risk and simply kill them, strip them of weapons, and then bring them to an area that they can’t escape from and revive them there.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No, I have not been banned ever.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I’m going to be trying to play at least 2 rounds of support a day for the duration my application is up. My current timezone is EST, and I usually play rounds from 3 PM to 9 PM on weekdays depending on my schedule, and at any normal waking hour on weekends.

Lastly, I’d like to thank in no particular order HIDgamer, Frogzeke, Stalkerino, NekoSam, and the entirety of the synth council for helping me with my application on all parts. My application would be nowhere near how it is without them, nor would my synth itself.


+1. Knowledgeable player and a very proficient HM.


I made an account so I can +1 this, one of the best medics i’ve ever met


+1 this guy is a real one. His skills and Role playing is awesome, I seen him a couple of times as Doctor. His very fun to talk to and to play with.


When around enlisted, will rag on the officer corps to fit in

When around officers, will lament about marines not following orders

honestly, you should focus on this as your synth gimmick, it’s kind of underrated and really funny? obviously not to the level of directly insulting anyone or causing friction between operational divisions.

+1 from me


Writing into your application that your synth is going to be directly disrespecting officers and enlisted alike behind both backs is kind of toeing the line of:

“5. Do not antagonize or directly insult Marine personnel. Quips, banter and objective statements are fine, outright insults are not.”

It’d be really wild in your story if either side decided to share a personal story of your synth and they both tell each other what you said, it’d just make them think you’re a two-faced synth which. I’d suggest you swap that for something along the lines of your synth actively trying to empathise with both groups about their separate issues. Shit-talking behind 2 groups back’s has consequences and it’s a feature no company would program a synth to do and it certainly isn’t something a military would tolerate from their hardware.


While I’m aware those guidelines exist for RP in the game it’s a standard that you should reflect in your synth’s background and personality in the game as well in your story IMO.

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Hi, this is all true, and if I intended to insult a rank class behind their back it would be a guideline break. However the most I intend to take this is like the most family friendly stuff possible, like “Oh, yeah, officers can be like that sometimes.” to an enlisted complaining about officers, or “Mhm, the riflemen can be a bit stubborn with orders at times.” I’d never outright insult either.
Thanks for asking, hope this clears it up for you, and feel free to ask any more questions about my synth, they all give me the opportunity to think about and expand my thoughts on how my synth would act which is really helpful for character building! :smile:

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+1 from me!

S5nt is a very good medic and they have made a great presence within the community including helping people with WL applications and providing useful input in all sorts of matters.

as a pred WL holder they have shown excellently that they are capable of good RP and a proficient skill in following guidelines.

I think you would make a wonderful synth!

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+1 I worked with you on the frontlines as a medic and you do quick and efficient work. Also RPing with you as a Yautja is also fun and engaging.

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I’d just like to quickly say thank you to all of you who +1ed me, it’s really appreciated!
But also, if the synth council is interested, I was recently promoted to the elite rank in the pred WL by the pred senator, which I would hope demonstrates an ability to uphold WL standards to a good degree.
:wave: :slightly_smiling_face: