sapphire485 - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - sapphire485

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Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Haleigh ‘Gem’ Roon

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

sapphire485 - Synthetic Application - #10 - Synth June 2023 - Deniend

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

She is a slightly superstitious and by the books synth that has a high respect for Marine rank structure, she often has a tendency to take souvenirs from colonies that she visits on operations as long as it does not impact her mission parameters and goals. The mission comes first but she is some what of a collector of obscure and wonderful things that she finds.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

The higher the rank within the vessel the more respect they would be shown, though she doesn’t salute ranks she will often nod her head in respect to higher ranking members such as a 2ndLt. most her interactions with people will be very respectful and poignant.
Though she doesn’t speak of it too much her interests lay in her love for obscure religious texts of old and weird religions and religious practices.

Her advertisement logline would be: Hope the best, pray for the rest.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

A synthetic is the antithesis of an unsung hero/heroine they would jump in without orders. I work under that mentality when playing, I would rather be ignored for doing the job right than scolded for doing it wrong, though a medal would be nice a good person will do it for the sake of being in the right place at the right time. I enjoy being that person, be it the medic that has to support the frontline by herself, or the engineer that stayed behind because another squad was short a commtech to repair the FOB and improve it. Backline support is the glue that holds together the marines and I could think of no place I’d rather be than behind the winning charge even if I didn’t lead it myself.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

I recently played a round where I was searching down the hive to dive into it to either rescue marines or cut off an escape route, it was just me and one single PFC and a survivor we had found on the way, as we broke in we found a single humanoid in the hive with us; it was none other than Malcolm, at which point I got a little concerned that something was going on.
We then got pushed by the remaining hive of a ravager, carrier, defender, facehugger and a Drone or two; they were desperate and I was out of ammo, the PFC went down and the survivor ran (Not blaming them, if it wasn’t for the PFC I would have too). Malcolm appeared for the darkness and we gave up the chase at which point I asked Malcolm to fix up the PFC since he was too hurt for me as an FTL to save and needed a defib and probably surgery, I was very wary of the synthetic but had no choice to trust him.
Once my PFC was fixed I began to talk to him to figure out why he was in the hive, eventually he told me that the queen had taken him there earlier and he was just stuck, though I didn’t believe him fully I had more important matters to attend like resolving my ammo situation and getting the PFC to safety.
I guess the moral of the story is that you can always trust a Malcolm.

Synthetic Character Story:



I understand engineering very well being able to both build cadelines and also repair APC’s as an engineer and understanding how to load the OB cannon when required and needed to.


I have played a few hours of XO and SO as well as Squad leadership and platinumed my FTL which often ended up with me in the command structure anyway. I also can manage and juggle lots of communications channels


My understanding of medical is pretty good, I can do all the surgeries without any reference material and understand how most drugs work and how to counteract an overdose


Since my last application I spent a lot more time in requisitions to understand the role better and be able to assist when required to. It was a weak point last time but now I would not feel out of place in requisitions and know where most things are and where to get them.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

I would try to avoid active combat as much as I could except in the few instances when it is unavoidable for self defence so long as it is a last resort, though in this instance if the attacker was human I would try to stick to non lethal and stop as soon as the attacker is no longer a threat to either myself or someone else. The idea would be to not put myself in those situations to begin with but with no other options I would defend myself.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Last application you had issues being able to locate me online, most my play time happens around 19:00 - 00:00 BST during the week.

Forgot to include playtimes:
Anything below Pilot Officer is only CL and Whiskey Outpost related:


I can tell you from experience that object based personalities are not good. Here is my synthetic app:

I got accepted, but I should have just been denied and had the reapplication time removed so I could have made a new quirk. I do not use the synth I applied with, and it’s honestly a pretty big regret that I got in with him. I use my second synth slot exclusively.

I really like the idea of a superstitious synthetic, it’s definitely a standout from among the synths right now. I think the only synth who talks about religion is Clark, so you’d have a lot of room to be you. Just make sure to remember not to get into serious disagreements with marines about it. My advice would be to just drop the souvenirs part, or only occasionally use it, you’re not going to have room in your loadouts for extra stuff (biggest reason why they dont work!!!).

Wish you’d included situations to your combat question since Quickload asked you to on your last app. I’m sure someone can ask some scenarios for you to answer, mayhaps a councilor in fact. In any case, I like your app and I hope to see some good vouches.

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As with the above, going object based gets very difficult and especially as a collector it impedes your function in the job even for tiny objects that space is usually needed for kit. If you strip that away, what is your character left with? Superstition comes in many flavors, are they fearful and need a talisman to ward off evils? Do they believe an object might be lucky? Is there an optimism that a healthy collection of baubles will impress crews and make them more accepting, because you can tell stories about how each one was a product of success?

This brings a transition into this story. I can’t see any of a personality at all in it, it seems a short account of a purely factual recall which doesn’t have any real marks demonstrating the thought and development of the superstitious tendencies in it in a way that could be readily identified. Remember that the entire point of the story is to showcase the personality of the character, you want something that puts it in the forefront.

An application really needs specific kinds of combat scenarios that demonstrate application of knowledge limitations. Think of specific scenarios, like “if I’m doing a solo sweep to repair a comm tower and see resin around it, what is the point at which I turn back vs fight and why”

The last thing is I think you may benefit from playing some Bravo medic or FOB nurse, because it seems every time I run into you you’re trying to impress or something and end up tripping up the entire workflow of what’s going on, and it gets dangerous. Each role in the CM medical setting has a job and a place in workflow, based on things they’re good at. Non-med roles are decent at CPR and security. Medics and nurses are good for reviving. Doctors do the surgical stuff. It’s important to know what a role is best at and focus resources into those areas, rather than stepping into the most advanced thing that your role can do, for the sake of doing it when a different role is present who can do it much more efficiently.
Tl;dr at least from my interactions, really need to work on medical manpower resource allocation, don’t just go where you can, go where you’re needed.

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Yeah, rereading the feedback, I feel like although I tried to cover as many points as I could somehow I just glanced over that one without answer.

The superstition idea kind of made sense since in the story I was adamant that I wanted to return the marines to have a proper honouring, which made me realise that she actually was superstitious by proxy of how I was writing it. I didn’t want her to have a too over the top personality as I always believed that if a synth was trying to be a synthetic human they would want to act human like.

Hi Haleigh and welcome back!

First things first your personality seems to fall short from what we want. It is not necessarily a wrong personality but it is very shallow and unlikely to have a significance ingame. We believe that you should think of another personality to go with - something that you would be interested in, that easily meshes into gameplay and keeps your Synthetic unique.

In line with this, we also think your story should be redone. It does show Raven’s dialogue but not in a realistic manner(not one where you would encounter round to round). Although the dialogue shown here is appreciated, you should include some standard chatter that Raven might have in the round. Furthermore, there are some punctuation errors which reoccur several times - I think you should make it a habit in typing, as it is an easy fix.

I like your reasons for wanting the Synthetic Whitelist!

And your experience answers were alright but I think you 100% could’ve elaborated more. You can always elaborate a ton on experience answers, so although I’m glad that you have been practicing, I wish you wrote more!

I think I’d like to see you give some example scenarios where combat would be done.

So, now that the app is out of the way, let’s talk about the rest.
First, observations! We found that you are a competent player but that you could certainly improve on surgery and triage specifically. Furthermore, I hope that by your next application hopefully you’ll have a renewed profile where people recognize you and come to support your competencies.

Unfortunately until then I must deny this app, but due to voting dilations you can reapply on 10/3/23. I think your largest thing to tackle would be the app itself - think of a good personality and run by some councilors. Also for your mechanical side of things - play more doctor and let it shine! Good luck, I hope to see your next app :slight_smile: