Scout laser designator shouldn't give warnings like this while stealthed.


This is … ridiculous.
His binocs shouldn’t give any warnings whatsoever.
I’ve seen xenos go berserk when a scout looks into his binocs because the message warns them.

didn’t read: we should remove this warning.


maybe it bad for stealth boy to have unstealth item when trying to stealth

think making stealth boy unstealth with unstealthy item make little sense to grug

suggest make glass not make noise, make no sense


I don’t even know where the sarcasm start and where it ends.

Can you make a clear and direct version?

What I translated was:
“It should still appear because otherwise it would be broken/op”

Thats correct?

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sorry larry, but that is slower than the second coming of christ. IR target painters are common even in today, a 2182 version would probably not be accompanied by bells, whistles, and fireworks. to be honest, i wouldnt mind scouts killing more marines by CAS or OB proxy. it adds realism since most LTs cant read a map if you put a gun to their head, let alone SGTs or terminal Lances